Deities of Duovia

Deities in Duovia


Within Duovia, know that a pantheon refers to both a generation of deities and the basis of what they believe. For the following, this is a brief overview of the deities and their pantheons.

Table of Contents
  • Prime Powers
  • Ethorans
  • Jovians
  • Ardors
  • Loose Deities
  • Prime Powers

    The Prime Powers are the first pantheon. They are locked in an eternal struggle between energy and entropy. They loathe anything not aligned with their respective alignment. Most of these deities were struck down long ago but still plot and scheme to return.

    Hungering Core

    Domain: Entropy

    Hunger is all that defines whatever this powerful deity is. It is simply feral and blindly reaches out at whatever energy or mortal is around to have it be consumed. Only those who are undead are immune, or at least resilient, to its draining force.


    Domain: Energy

    Vitation is light and life incarnate. All living things become empowered and strengthened by just the mere presence of this deity. Those of negative alignment or heritage become blinded, or at least uncomfortable, by the light he radiates.


    Ethoran deities embody the various foundations and primal forces of the world. These are basic forces such as the elements, life, death, time, and so on. These deities can come across as uncaring but that is because they prefer taking a neutral and unbiased stance for their domain.


    Domain: Death

    Albiran is inevitable for all mortal life. This apathetic deity cares not for who or what you are. He is the overseer of death and it is his duty to take no side. In the end, he ensures spirits are ushered where they belong.


    Domain: Life

    Astasia has fought long enough against the Prime Powers to where she is tired of destruction and death. She represents growth and vitality, hoping to usher in life where there no longer was.


    Domain: Darkness

    Kavurn is simply described as a black silhouette of a tall and lanky figure. This deity embodies darkness and the various aspects of it.


    Most Jovians are not popular deities within the current time. Regardless, these deities believe that there is more to life than the core fundamentals and basics. So, they embody a fair bit of niche domains.


    The Ardor pantheon was founded by Caldrien who believed in giving faith a deeper purpose. These deities believe that betterment and purpose is found through the mind, body, and spirit connection. There are three positive-aligned deities who represent the three, and there are the negative deities who do the same. Three is a very big symbol with this pantheon.

    Negative Aligned


    Domain: Spirit

    Algareege is an Aversal deity who teaches that knowledge is quite versatile but also dangerous. It teaches that it is fine for mortals to live a mundane life but looking into esoteric rituals and occult teachings are usually where one loses their soul to become something else. Only those close to Algareege does it carefully teach its grand knowledge.


    Domain: Body

    Kereska is a Vician deity who implores her followers that to get what they want requires strength. It matters not what tactics or methods you use if you don't have the power to carry it out. One can only prevail if they have the endurance for getting what they want.


    Domain: Mind

    Followers of Misera honorably refer to her has the Blind Bleeder. She is depicted as a blind-folded woman with bloody tears streaming down her cheeks. It is a symbol of her heartache hearing the woes of her followers. She helps her followers learn to endure pain and ease the suffering for themselves and others.

    Positiive Aligned


    Domain: Mind

    The world is a strange place and to understand it requires the pursuit of knowledge. Auldremus promotes his followers to implement what they learn and spread that knowledge to others.


    Domain: Spirit

    From the heavens this seraph descends with their feathered wings to provide mortals with wisdom to guide them in their life. Caldrien teaches that discipline and moral foundations help the soul thrive during times of strife.


    Domain: Body

    The natural world is where much of life grows and develops. Sivana believes in harmonizing with nature in your pursuits. A general would want to request the storms to gain an advantage, a family picnic would want to thank the tree for protecting them from the rain, and other little things.

    Loose Deities

    Loose deities are gods and entities that don't really align with other pantheons and often do as they see fit. Usually these are cults that can either be harmful with their intentions for outsiders or simply practice their strange faiths in isolation.

    Ruinous Pact

    The Ruinous Pact is a bitter alliance of negative-aligned deities seeking to destroy civilizations and what people have built. They want to wipe the slate clean and rule over the fresh new world.

    To better orchestrate their cult, they call on a "Herald of Ruin" to lead their mortal followers. Commanders under the Herald are referred to as "Despoilers" who represent each deity part of the pact.


    Madness is Ilkrichyurl's specialty, as it invokes this feeling as a reminder to these other dieties that they are not as all-powerful as they think. This madness is their method of control to help spread their influence.


    Hedonism and vice are the only things this depraved Lord cares about. Balgomok often seeks to aid cultists in their own pleasures which often brings others down. Jealousy, pride, and all sorts of taboos are what make up his fiendish realm.


    Death, plagues, and undeath are the core staple for this Lord of Blight. His agendas range from the pursuit of power to the mindless march of death.

    Metaphysical, Divine

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