Embassy Worker



The Embassy Workers that work in Mount Roma represent their various kingdoms. The three main kingdoms represented are the following Kingdoms of Tuscaloosa, Malgos, and Saundersfoot. These Kingdoms send Ambassadors to Mount Roma, and they live in the various represented embassies. When living there, they are the primary point of contact for any of their citizens. If there are ever any legal issues among their citizens. The ambassadors will be legal advisors for their citizens if needed.

Social Status

The embassy workers are treated as nobles even though they might not be nobles back in their home kingdoms. When in Mount Roma, they will attend meetings with the various Council of Mt Roma members. They will discuss multiple trade deals and any other diplomatic matters.



The embassy workers will work at their various embassies. Each embassy has its own design and construction.   The Tuscaloosa Embassy has alot of Gnomish interior design. This embassy will also grant access to their tinkering stations and their forges that are in their basement.   The Saundersfoot Embassy is primarily constructed with the Elvan style of design. This embassy also has a secret chamber hidden under the stairs. The Talons hid in this chamber after they freed the generals of Saundersfoot and discovered they were the missing dragons of the Metallic Council.   The Malgos Embassy is of Human design. The embassy workers that work here are from House Niganze. The House Niganze embassy workers have modified Malgos Embassy with a black market and smugglers stations.
Alternative Names
Ambassadors to Mount Roma
These workers are trained in legal matters. They will assist any of their citizens when requested. The workers themself don't have any immunity, so they can be arrested and tried for their crimes if any are committed.
Famous in the Field
Other Associated professions

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