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Year 2642

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The current setting takes place 32 years after the incidents involving the sealing of the Wells of Eternity, the rise and fall of the Silver Shadow Clan, and the restoration of the Dwarven ruins of Rhineforrell. The evil Lich Kardun and his wife Tanilia were put to a swift end before their evil machinations brought them the immortality and godhood that they sought. The once-god Silvanus has fallen due to Tanilia's rituals, but Natrine Faefiel of the Vengeful Misfits was able to step into the void and fulfill the obligations as a new god of Nature. She rules over her domain thanks to the clever usage of 2 other personas. The Talons were instrumental in the process of mitigating the effects of the Silver Shadow Clan's efforts. They etched a name for themselves in history due to their exploits and live on as heroes, kings, and legends.   The magical weave of the world has been severely damaged due to the usage of powerful Wish spells. The fallout from this is that all unused magical items have reverted back into a scroll that bears the formula for how to make such things once again. A powerful wish that once granted boons at level 5 was also damaged irreversibly. Those that were granted these blessings still have them, but now it no longer functions for the granting of new boons.