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People who understand and manipulate the elements.

"Dad, what's that person doing?"
"He's making gunpowder. Best to stay away."
"Can I watch a little?"
"Sure. Just be careful. I'll be back in a moment."
"How does this work?"
"Quite the little alchemist aren't you? Asking questions is the most important."

Seek to Understand

To many outside the profession, the results of alchemy might seem magical but is all based on understanding the materials and their interactions with each other. When fireworks fill the sky, most onlookers know nothing about how they work and can do nothing but watch in awe. An alchemist who has never seen fireworks will considered how they are made and used.   The process of experimenting with different substances is the basis of alchemical knowledge and continued experimentation keeps their collective knowledge base growing - when they choose to share what they learn, a number of alchemists have taken breakthroughs to the grave.

A Dangerous Profession

Alchemy bears a number of risks to its practitioners. Handling explosive materials is a clear threat but some materials are only dangerous if handled over the course of seasons or even years. Many famous alchemists are known for discovering the thing that would eventually kill them.   The danger of alchemy can cause harm beyond just those who perform it and extend to those nearby. The fumes, smoke, powder, and other byproducts of alchemy can greatly impact the health and lives of bystanders; the Alkadians of Burim's Alchemist's Quarter know this all too well.

Tools to Varied to Count

Alchemy includes many different procedures and specialties. Each of these requires different tools. From flasks and beakers to alembics and scales, the tools of the profession are many and the cost of these tools can be very high. As the saying goes "An alchemists scales are more accurate than even that of a merchant."

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