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Residents of the Burim Alchemist's Quarter.

When Urasumai passed through the double gate to the home of the Alkadians, she was immediately overwhelmed by the stench in the air. After a few moments she regained her composure - and her balance - and proceeded deeper into the district. She had a deal to make.
Walled In

There is a large wall that separates the Alchemist's Quarter from the rest of Burim. The original purpose of this wall was to keep the smell of their work contained in that one area of the city. However, as the conditions within the area were not preferable for living, it quickly became a home for the poor and disenfranchised, and the wall became a way to keep those people - the Alkadians - out of sight.   The smoke, fumes, and powders from all of the work done in the quarter has unfortunate health side-effects. Many people here develop lung conditions, blindness, and some suffer from uncontrollable vomiting. The people here are mostly too poor to afford medical treatment and normally preventable conditions become permanent.

Home of Blackpowder

Of all the smells in the Alchemist's Quarter, the most distinct is that of blackpowder. It is also the most porfitable business for the Alkadians. The guards of Burim are armed with blackpowder rifles and the city buys a lot of powder to keep them armed. The alchemists do not procure the raw materials but are provided them and only charge for their labor. In this way, the alchemists can do their job easily and the city can keep the pollution - most of it - contained.

Not Every One an Alchemist

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