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Archive Re-Indexer

When adventurers or researchers go delving into the Archive of Runior, they do not often come back. Of course, the artificial stewards of Harmesburg, the Heathers, always warn potential explorers of the dangers of heading into the unmapped parts of the Archive. Nevertheless, people still find themselves unprepared to face the dangers, and lose the precious Archive Indexers, which make navigation of the ancient building possible despite it's shifting walls and floors.   The Harmesburg Council is aware that there are only a relatively small amount of Archivers, and until one of the big four companies figures out how to replicate the devices, they remain precious. In an effort to avoid causing exploring the Archive to become either impossible or prohibitively expensive, the Council approves the payment of experienced mercenaries to retrieve the lost Indexers, or at least to confirm their location, if they are irretrievable or destroyed.   Despite the obvious dangers, public opinion among non-combatants and among mercenaries in other professions is quite low. Criticisms range from claims that the Re-Indexers are carrying out easy work for exorbitant pay to claims that taxpayers could be saved quite a bit of money if the Council more carefully vetted the people they give the indexers to in the first place.  
How many guys does it really take to walk through a library and pick up a lost rock? I get that there's monsters in there but why can't they just send the dudes one at a time? Feels like you could be sneakier that way too. 
- a concerned citizen



In order to be hired as a Re-Indexer, a mercenary has to have an established reputation for reliable completion of jobs and level headed decision making. A recommendation from a Re-Indexer who has been working for at least 6 months also serves, although recruits by recommendation are often watched with scrutiny. Since Re-Indexer's are paid and supplied, they are expected not to spend their time trying to loot the Archive. Their priority should always be to retrieve the indexer over perusing the riches and magical secrets in the library, as the mysterious creatures and magics in the Archive can hunt after a person for the most esoteric of reasons. It is considered an expulsion-worthy offense to cause the injury of another Re-Indexer by seeking personal glory.

Career Progression

A newly contracted Re-Indexer starts as a Page. He is a Page until he has worked for 6 months, at which point he becomes a Scroller.  Teams of eight comprised of Scrollers and Pages are sent out under the lead of Seekers, the highest ranking Re-Indexers. Seekers are trained to use special magic which allows them to track lost Indexers.

Payment & Reimbursement

Re-Indexers are paid per contract, often very well, for their dangerous work. For a starting page, they can expect to make a silver per hour spent in the Archives on a contract. These wages are independently negotiated, and only get better as a Re-Indexer rises through the ranks.

Other Benefits

Re-Indexers who become Seekers are sponsored by the city to learn special divination magic which works properly in the shifting halls of the Archive. All Re-Indexers are offered subsidized housing near the Archive, allowing them to live cheaply in Harmesburg, which is generally a fairly expensive place to live. Many people become Re-Indexers because it is a good way to save money, or to send funds back to poorer family living outside the city.
Administration / Management


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