Conductors are magicians who have chosen to service transportation services across the different regions of Talthei, often doubling as a logistics service to help people get themselves and their things to their final destination.


Payment & Reimbursement

Conductors receive a hybrid form of payment, with the settlements or cities they're associated with providing a general stipend, and collecting a payment from those using their services. Once the union was in place, these payments were standardized on a sliding scale according to the value and volume transported (as well as an additional fee for clients who annoy or pester the conductor).

Other Benefits

While there is a small union for conductors, it is generally a very overlooked profession.


Social Status

Despite their high proficiency with magic, conductors are considered more "working class" than most other magical professions. While it is not necessarily looked down upon (except occasionally by other magic users), it is also not valued highly and considered an almost "invisible" position when performed well.



There are three things every Conductor must have: a melding orb for coordination with outside conductors and caravan organizations, a teleportation circle for quick movement, and their magical "key" tying their magic to the circle, allowing them to use the circles on a whim rather than having to go through the full-day ritual teleportation through a circle normally requires.


Conductors usually can be found either at a teleportation circle or at their office, sending out requests and organizing caravans for merchants, moving families, or anyone else requiring their services. While their offices always have a melding orb for managing communication, offices tend to reflect their owners.

Provided Services

Conductors provide logistical support for the transport of objects and people from their teleportation network, and well as facilitating teleportation within network.    Due to their requirements to communicate with a variety of people across Talthei, conductors can generally serve as translators for major languages and dialects in a pinch.
Conductors are not only legal, but vital across Talthei.


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