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In the World of Athena Minerva in the 21st century, the job of Handyman takes on an expanded meaning.   With free (or inexpensive) access to training videos, and tools becoming more capable all the time, any person with some talent for the physical and mechanical can learn how to fix (and perhaps improve) most of the utilities and structures in common use. Home repairs and improvements enter into the standard skillset of every home owner, but (as with all fields of endeavour) certain individuals excel.   In the "Adventures of Zoot and Buff" series of stories, Buff is one such handyman. He lives in a city of good faith and good intentions, an unlitigious city unafraid of liability should anything go wrong, (and things go wrong as often as one would expect), a city where the power of friendship rules the day more often than not.   Buff eschews clothing whenever he is doing a dirty grimy job unless in need of protective equipment or when visiting nuns as in the episode "Convent Handyman". The tattoo of the mechanic on his chest over his heart shows everyone that he has talent and desire to fix whatever breaks or goes wrong.   Along with his best friend Zoot, Buff helps solve a number of "problems" in the city, problems for which a technological systemic solution would be excessive or undesireable. A few episodes involve problematic animals like "Stop! Apple!" and "Bird in the Museum".   Buff obviously trains a great deal inbetween episodes, both physically and mentally. His physical skills apply to many strange and random situations. Zoot is similar, but also carries an array of electronic gadgets and gizmos in that pinstriped zoot suit. Some of the fun is seeing them both try to solve the same problem using their different tools, but most of the time they team up and coordinate like matching jigsaw puzzle pieces, trusting each other to solve their part of the puzzle.
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