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Athena Minerva

One tiny change...

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A slight alteration in the history of mammals causes a subtle but powerful shift in human societies far into the future. As early human women are much more likely to survive childbirth, (and perhaps a bit more self-centered than the human women of Planet Earth on the Prime Material Plane that you and I know), the world is more female dominated from the beginnings of the human race. Human men are better team players, more focused on self-sacrifice for the bettering of the world, more heroic. Diseases have less impact. Learning has more impact. Earthers have fewer hang-ups. In the distant future, our emphasis on teamwork and diversity propel the human race to exploring the universe and "flipping out" to nearby parallel worlds as well.   Early civilizations in hard times consist of armies more than half male led by teams of strategists and tacticians more than half female. In industrial times female business tycoons and male blue-collar workers are the norm, with plenty of exceptions. With the advent of central air-conditioning, clothing fashion becomes entirely nonfunctional and purely a matter of personal choice for self expression, not controlled by society. And in technological times, vastly diverse teams produce vastly different tools and modes of transportation, which they sometimes share. Yet somehow, the march of history does not vary much from our own reality, leaving the fundamentals of life much the same.   [I am publishing my many screenplays here, and organizing them on one timeline of one universe, which I hope will be entertaining. Speaking of parallel worlds, many of my stories will have a kid-friendly version and an adults-only version, which will be clearly labeled. That allows adult viewers/readers to enjoy light stories of the power of friendship and to enjoy pornography raised to an actual art form, if I may say so myself.]