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Skywatchers are Vitgrud's first defense against inclement weather, forest fires, and other natural hazards.  But as much as Vitgrud relies on the advance warning, skywatching is the hardest job to keep filled because of the numerous drawbacks.



A skywatcher must have a tolerance for heights and good distance vision.  It helps to be introverted, since skywatchers often spend at least half their waking hours with no company except perhaps another skywatcher.


Social Status

Skywatching is among the most vital occupations in Vitgrud, and villagers are grateful to those who take up the role mostly because it means someone else is doing it. The work is tedious and isolating, with six to eight hours of the day spent staring at mostly nothing, little room to move around in, and often no one else to talk to. Because there must be a skywatcher on duty in each village offshoot at all times, they are often unable to participate in village activities. As a result, skywatchers have few social connections.


In order to staff all the weather-watches, each village offshoot must have at least three active skywatchers. Six is preferred, so that there can be two on duty at any given time.


The role of skywatcher is descended from tiderider lookouts, who sat in swings hoisted above the main sails to see a broader horizon.



A weather-watch is a tower topped by a circle two meters in diameter, reaching at least six meters above the canopy and guy-wired to nearby trees. It is accessed by a ladder and a harness attached to a pulley system.  Once the skywatcher reaches the top, the harness attaches to the central support pole.  The tower has a roof and a railing, but otherwise the watch is open to the elements.

Provided Services

At all times of the day, skywatchers monitor weather conditions and look for signs of wildfire.  When threats are spotted, the skywatcher drops a painted rock through a chute that opens onto a metal sheet at the base of the tower.  The sound of the rock hitting the metal alerts the village, and the markings on the rock describe the specific threat.  Providing advance warning of dangerous weather has likely saved many lives over the course of Vitgrud's history.
At night, skywatchers track the rising and setting of stars, and set each year's calendar, ensuring that the village has ample time to prepare for the changing seasons.

Dangers & Hazards

Because of the height and openness of the towers, skywatchers are exposed to all weather.  The work is hot in the summer, cold in the winter, sickening in high wind, and during storms the tower is at high risk of being struck by lightning.
Public Services
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