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Magic is a useful tool for improving the experience of conventional travel, and none know this better than shiprunners. A rather niche magical profession that's much less flashy than those usually expected from mages who've studied for years, shiprunners have the simple job of improving and optimising vehicles for travel for the greatest comfort and speed possible. It seems like a waste of magical talent that most would scoff at, yet these selfsame people are the ones who would complain the moment they travelled without a shiprunner present.   Shiprunners are usually crewed on ships, hence the origin of the name, and can both work in conjunction with rowers or instead of them, using elemancy to direct wind into the sails and calm the waves, keeping the ship much steadier without competing with the wind. In stormy weather, a team of shiprunners can partially part the storm to get ships to safety if caught off guard, or in emergencies can push the ship at up to three times their regular top speed through their elemancy; a speed high enough to safely evade most sea creatures and pirates...assuming said pirates don't have their own shiprunners.   They don't exclusively have to reside on sea vessels however; airships also can benefit from them, practicing the same skills with their air manipulation, or they can conjure flames in altitudes where it's far too cold and difficult to maintain safely. Spacecraft have their own style of shiprunners for shorter journeys or in case they don't have an eltari pilot on hand, though they tend to focus on conjuring food and supplies, with a possible slant of electrical manipulation to help boost the systems when required. Land vehicles don't have as much of a need, but can provide small benefits like clearing potholes and giving an additional push when going up hills.

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