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Arcana Scholar

Study of the Arcane

Written by Endrise

There are rules and patterns to how magic behaves.
You just have to learn what they look like.
— Arcana Scholar

Arcana Scholars are those that teach new wizards and sorcerers alike the many ways of how magic works. From the many spells taught over the years to methods of spellcasting, dedicating their careers to learning the essentials of the arcane.

Common amongst cities with long histories of mages, one can see them as the backbones of the arcane world. Either preserving centuries of knowledge or aiding pupils in the ways of magic.

How to become a scholar


Getting a degree to work as an Arcana Scholar requires a thorough understanding of many things magical. To do so, people learn under the following fields:

  • Advanced Spell Research
  • Arcane History
  • Mage Ethics
  • Magic School Specialisation
  • Rune Comprehension
  • Spell Geometry
  • Spellcrafting
  • Supernatural Biology

Such degrees take around three to five full-time years of education. On average, one needs to at least score 80% or higher in a field to qualify for it.


Most Arcana Scholars start their employment in service of governing bodies or the education system. The moment one leaves school, they receive invitations within the first few weeks of graduation from local libraries or the school itself.

Some may also start independent, getting a license to teach magic. While this makes them rely more on their own budget to educate, it also gives them more autonomy over how they teach or research. This also allows them to homeschool other people.

Revoking Licenses

There are limits to what and how people may teach magic as an independent Arcana Scholar. Should governing bodies consider their methods of educating to be too dangerous or unethical, they may revoke one’s license to practise it entirely.

To gain it back, one must take an exam to prove their knowledge. In specific cases, one can revoke licenses permanently, banning one from teaching or researching at all.


An Arcana Scholar’s career is one with many paths to take and many choices. From studying in academies towards new aspiring wizards to researching the fields of magic and arcana.

One can choose either to focus on a specific path or spread out. Which is why you might see some teachers also study new forms of magic as well.


More than half the students I worked with want to learn magic just so that they can shoot fire out of their hands. It's always funny to see how many struggle to even make the gesture to do so in the first years.
— Fransica, Arcana Scholar for 20 years

The path of education revolves around teaching people the ways of magic. These scholars focus on sharing their knowledge and understanding towards others.


Wizardry acts like any other teachers, teaching their knowledge in the classroom to aspiring mages. Found in the academic fields, they ensure the basics of spell casting are known by those who wish to wield magic.

Most specialise in a specific school of magic throughout their career, such as illusion or evocation. Though there are some who do teach multiple ones at the same time.


Those working with sorcerers help them get used to their bloodlines. Teaching ways to control and harness it, providing support while they get the hang of it.

Most act as mentors to sorcerers, teaching to specific students rather than in front of entire classes. Though, if several students share similar traits, their bloodlines can share the same teacher to aid them.


Homeschooling often happens amongst noble families who wish to have specialised lessons for their children. Education for both wizardry and sorcery lessons exists in this way.

Most are independent teachers taken from everywhere, specialising in certain fields of magic. Some teach multiple branches, but usually cost more than your average teacher. Regardless, they form the backbone for a lot of mages educated at home.


The path of research revolves around furthering the world’s deeper understanding of magic. Supernatural phenomena, arcane relics, sorcerer bloodlines and many other magical things.


Archivists work in affiliation with great libraries focused on arcana, ensuring the safekeeping of magic documents. Centuries of lore regarding spells and tomes, kept up to date and checked by such scholars.

Some comb through the records to write new documents to put everything about a subject in one place. Either to help summarise large sums of arcane history, or update the knowledge of what we know today.

Arcane Anatomy

Not all biology is logical with magic involved, hence why some scholars research it. These biologists study the physical body of those with magic properties to understand it better.

This includes bloodline research, study of arcane traits in people and even magical diseases. Their studies into the abstract functions of inherited magic allow one to understand them better. Which helps find cures or treat the worst ones out there.


Magic has never been static. It changes and bends as culture further starts to understand it. And I am here to show that movement throughout history.
— Arcana Scholar

Arcana Scholars that study the Fabulae's past often help understand the more magical parts of it. Working in association with other archeologists, they uncover the arcane hidden in plain sight.

They find themselves at understanding the history of how magic evolved in civilisations, learning its influence on daily life. At dig sites examining old relics, or in their studies reading through scrolls uncovered from ancient tombs and burial sites.

With their help, they give a clearer picture of magic’s history.

Field Research

Not all researchers spend their time between papers. Some journey across to discover the truths of magic first-handed. Everything from Aetheryical Hot-Spots to cultural differences in magic, penning it down to further expand people’s knowledge of magic.

Many travel afar to learn about the latest supernatural phenomena or meet up with other mages. They work in close association with people from the arcane world, whether they be great mages or common folk with arcane bloodlines. A career where one meets a lot of interesting people.

Even with the travel expenses, they help further understand the supernatural world.

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