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The Center of the Cosmos

Written by Endrise

There is way too much to explore here, way too much to tell about in one lifetime. Even I find that my prolonged life only will have me see a fraction of what Fabulae holds... Kinda sad when I put it that way.
— Pyre No Ale

At the very centre of the Cosmic Hourglass lies Fabulae, also known as the material plane. According to numerous beliefs to be the first realm, and for many their home as well.

A very expansive planet home to countless cultures, races and ecosystems. As the crossroads for the other planes of existence, there is something here for everyone.

The Continents

Sichelan, The Crescent Continent

Yeah, the war left a big gap in the history of this place. Such a shame too, because it seemed like a lot went down in the past few centuries.
— Pyre No Ale

At the center of the world lies Sichelan, a lonely continent isolated from the rest. Once home to the Great Sangfroid Empire, it now tries to rebuild itself from the ashes.

Due to generations worth of immigration and conflict, it is riddled with ruins of the past. As such, it has been a popular place for adventurers and scholars to go. Some for the history to be found here, others for the treasure.

In the end, Sichelan is the ultimate melting pot for many cultures and races. And due to the current reform of the Wandering Flame's Church, it needs adventurers more than ever.

Origionne, The First Continent

Sources state people came from here, but I mean, I'm an Elf and our oldest stories date back as far. So I think it might be made up?
— Pyre No Ale

According to legend, Origionne is the first continent where civilisation began. Led by three kings, the first kingdoms planted their flags in the land and began recorded history.

At least, that's what is told. Many kingdoms rose and fell since its conception. Kings and emperors often clashed, leading to their history getting buried in contradiction.

Nowadays things are slowing down, even if conflicts haven't ended yet. And for some, the crimes of their past are biting back.

Nõrdlann, The Frozen Crown of the World

I now understand why Dwarves are such hardened bastards. Either the cold will freeze you to death, or the wildlife shreds you to pieces!
— Pyre No Ale

At the furthest reaches up north lies Nõrdlann, a region that for most people is deemed uninhabitable. However, through sheer will, many have made it their homes for generations.

Most of the continent only lives at its borders, but some dare journey to the crown of it. There, one finds the Eye of Hjarnag, a cyclone that has been raging for as long the continent exists.

Due to such harsh climates, it's no surprise that Nõrdlann is home to a rather extreme ecosystem. From dire beasts to the supernatural, everything fights for survival.

Tai, Land of the Mystique

Tai's connection to the mystique is such a fascinating sight. Granted, having to deal with spirits all the time does sound not easy.
— Pyre No Ale

Amongst the east lies a land seeped in the mystique, from the arcane to the supernatural. Tai is home to things that most won't understand, at least not from a first glance.

Whether it be the ancient Dragons or spirits, exotic fighting styles to living legends, the region rarely has a dull moment. Many even journey here to seek out its wild wonders.

However, such phenomena do lead to a place where magic is crucial for survival. For every benevolent entity looming the night sky, a malevolent one might seek to cause chaos.


Solid advice, don't drink from the funny looking cacti in the desert. What I experienced was far more than just a hallucination.
— Pyre No Ale

Around the equator lies the southern continent Mojhara. Due to its location, extreme climates are prominent, ranging from tropical jungles to blazing deserts.

Despite such hostile environments, societies do strive here. Whether they be nomadic or establish cities, primitive tribes or advanced civilisations. And to some extent, even mystical societies lost to time.

As a result, while it is tough to live here, it isn't inhospitable. The only recommendation is to be careful in the wild, as the elements alone can be your inevitable downfall.

Other Noteworthy Locations


Beneath the surface lies the Subterrane, a vast network of cave systems and tunnels. Many layers make up this area, being home to their own ecosystems and cultures. However, due to no sunlight, it is almost alien for anyone who lives on the surface.

Fabulae's Moon

Fabulae also has a single Moon, which many cultures associate with their lunar gods and goddesses. Lacking a proper atmosphere, it's no surprise nobody bothers to explore so far up. Yet, stories do exist of people living on the moon, whether they be gods or mortals alike.


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