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Endrise The Enderman

Member Since: 20 Aug, 2018


Im someone who has been drawing for most of my life and writing for the last few years. Having joined WorldAnvil in August 2018, I'm still getting used to the vastness of this site and the community, but be free to always hit me up on Discord if you need a quick review!

Be warned, I'm a bit of a memelord.

Interests & Hobbies

Tabletop Games, Worldbuilding, watching memes & occasional shitposting.

Favorite TV Series

Gravity Falls, Cells at Work (I'm not the type of guy who watches a lot of series)

Favorite Books

What the hell is a book.

Favorite Games

Octopath Traveller, Bravely Default, Bravely Second, Enter the Gungeon, Darkest Dungeon

Comments & Feedback

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25 Oct, 2018 13:32

Thanks for the follow :)

14 Dec, 2018 20:36

Thanks for the fav on my worldbuilding article!

15 Dec, 2018 11:02

No problem!

1 May, 2019 19:24

Thank you very much for the follow!

7 May, 2019 16:02

Thanks for following me! Please read my articles and give your opinion on them.



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