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The Fabulae Anthology Tales of Another World

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Several centuries ago, the continent of Sichelan fell into disarray after the Great Sangfroid Empire fell apart. With no central power keeping everything in check, the power vacuum led to an age of conflict and uncertainty. A dark age for Sichelan itself.

Only in the last half century did the continent seen a semblance of unity and order. With groups establishing proper governing powers, things were coming back together. However, the world needed adventurers, to recover what was stolen and to rediscover what was lost.

This is where the Fabulae Anthology begins.

A world of Places

Fabulae is home to many places, whether they be bustling cities or horizon-spanning landscapes.

A world of People

Fabulae is home to many people

A world of Stories

Fabulae is home to many stories

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