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The Crescent Continent

Written by Endrise

This continent holds secrets that no living person knows off anymore. It is no surprise that people get curious what relics one might find around here.   For me? I'm just here for the history.
— Lane Palmer

Named after its crescent shape, Sichelan is a continent on Fabulae. Many see it as the largest melting pot of the world, home to people of all walks of life.

With a long history that spiralled the world into a dark age, nowadays it became a hotspot for explorers and adventurers alike. As a lot of its past is gone through conflict and abandonment, people try to find what the old world used to be like.

Alternative Name(s)
The Crescent Land
The Crescent Continent
The Newfound Land
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The Crescent Sea

Bordering on the continent is the Crescent Sea, a large vast ocean with many smaller islands scattered across. While many ships sail across the shore, some do journey straight through, ending up at Inselreich. A place that, according to many, is its very own world smack middle in the ocean itself.

On the open waters one might come in contact with aquatic races, sea life and a collection of sailors and pirates alike. And with many unmapped smaller islands, there are still some things to discover.

The Regions of Sichelan


Known as the land of the Flame, Nexu is home to the Church of the Wandering Flame. A place blessed by the Celestial Fasma, leading to a land where the divine is ever so present.

For many, it is the seat of knowledge, the arcane and religious teachings. Countless faiths get practised amongst its borders, whether they be in the open or in cult-like behaviour. As such, it is not unheard of for divine miracles to occur across the land.

Most find their home here amongst the history books and sacred texts. Recovering the shattered past of Sichelan or to learn to become the next great mage. Or if one is hired by a priest or mayor, deal with the less favoured faiths in the region.


Known as the kingdom of borders, Peripatia came into being during the Blazing War. After the Great Sangfroid War though, it claimed independence and now rules by itself.

Here, one can find the biggest melting pot of the whole continent. People from across trade wares and rest before exploring further, bringing stories alongside them. What the lands might lack by themselves they make up for what people bring to them.

Peripatia is the ideal place for the merchant, the traveller or the adventurer. One where people can obtain goods from all across, or learn about the people that run the global market.


Known as the Dragon's Tail, Raucher is a wasteland where once Dragons thrived before an extinction event wiped them out. Home to an ecosystem downright alien from draconic activity, making it a hostile environment for any person not native to the region.

Ruled by groups of native races both humanoid and draconic alike, people venture here for the black gold known as Draconic Fuel. While many local cultures see it as a religious mineral, the business known as Vie Incorperated see it as the next step into an industrial age.

For most, Raucher is an ideal place to find valuable minerals and ancient draconic relics. Maybe even uncover what killed off the Dragons that once ruled here.


After two wars tore down the Elven Kingdoms, Silva became a remnant of its former self. What now remains of Silva is a region torn apart with no central ruler, making it ripe for the picking.

Shattered groups with their own goals enforce any law in these regions, making borders vague and rulership change a lot. Beyond those, the lands are a treasure trove for relics of the Elves, some of which dormant in the ruins of their civilisation.

Silva is the ideal place for anyone trying to find a land for the taking or to go dungeon exploring. With a past lost to the world, one might find secrets that not even modern day Elves are aware of existing.

The Warring States

After the collapse of the Great Sangfroid Empire, its land was divided between rulers, each one eager to grab the others. But centuries later, the borders are still not drawn, creating the Warring States.

The region consists of several smaller kingdoms, each one fighting over control of the region. While some have become allies, others maintain their need to expand, at any means necessary. As such, conflict is a common occurrence for the inhabitants of the land.

For most here life is about dealing with the conflict that comes between nations. Whether they support the armies, fend off invading forces or gather knowledge in enemy territory.

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