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Draconic Wastelands

Written by Endrise

We're sitting on a gold mine made out of the blood of Dragons. A new age for technology waiting to happen!
— Mortius Vie

On the most eastern side of Sichelan lies Raucher, or what remains of it. A once thriving land burned to the ground ages ago in an extinction event, leaving only rubble behind.

Only in recent years do people return to the wastelands for wealth and fame. Whether it be an industrial revolution with Draconic Fuel, or to uncover the lost culture of the land.

The Former Land of Dragons

Volcanic Wasteland

Anyone who has set foot on Raucher knows of the destructive moonscape it has become. The region is full of mountains and stone deserts, with most vegetation low to the ground. Large crater dot the area, both natural and unnatural, as if a war was fought here.

Raucher also is one of the few places on Sichelan with active volcanoes. Due to this, they are also one of the few places where the land actually is quite fertile. To the people's luck, most erupt with slow lava flows rather than clouds of ash and cinder covering the sky.

The mixture of hard living conditions and only a few habitable but dangerous areas, life here can be tough. However, that doesn't stop people from trying anyways.

Draconic Ecosystem

The life that sprouts from Raucher's ground is prone to be as harsh as its environment. One distinct part being the extensive presence of draconic life, or the memories of one.

The land once belonged to Dragons of all breeds, from flying to ground, small and large. Nowadays only a few survive, with those that perished forming massive boneyards.

The current dominant draconic race are Kobolds, who strive even in the worst areas. As they breed quick, they took over in only a decade, forming tribes that claim territories miles wide. Yet, many are still hunted by local predators, making them as much rulers as they are prey.

Beyond the draconic species, one can also find many magical and monstrous flora and fauna as well. While few are hostile, it does make traversing the lands more dangerous than anywhere else. Especially for the people not used to it.

Rich in Minerals

Despite the harsh landscape, it is rich in minerals and other precious ores. From typical iron to more exotic metals. But one of its unique trades is a power source known as Draconic Fuel.

Spewing from the depths, it helps bring forth an industrial revolution to the region, powering many of its machines. Thanks to the help from Vie Incorperated, it now gets pumped up and further implemented into the machinery of the land.

Alongside that, many small mining towns and excavation grounds try to find the minerals as well. However, with the threat of Kobolds, riches are prone to being stolen.

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The Dragon's Tail
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Extinction Event

One of its most questionable historical events is the day the Devourer came. Known as Dracoratrix, the abomination rose from the Crescent Sea and devoured everything it came across. In only four days, it brought the Dragon population down to only a dozen few.

The only knowledge of its existence is the rampage visible. From puked-out boneyards scattered across the region to ruins left in its wake. Nobody knows what became of it, or even where it resides.

As natives speak of it being the size of a mountain, it does bring worry how such massive monster vanished into thin air.

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