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Foreign Grounds

Written by Endrise

It's quite the abstract place to be. Not a bad place, but I would definitely describe it as an alien environment even for me.
— Sailor

Inselreich is a small cluster of islands found in the middle of the Crescent Sea, named by the Great Sangfroid Empire during its expansion age over Sichelan. However, whereas many roots of the historical power can be seen over the main continent, these isles have their history be mostly separate from the mainland.

In the present day it's used as a stopover for many sea routes from one continent to another, with some adventurers daring to investigate the countless ruins found across. Some might uncover a lost piece of history, others something left to remain buried and forgotten.

Abandoned History

Little is known about the exact chain of events that led to modern-day Inselreich, seeing as great parts of it has been deliberately kept cryptic. The empire itself explicitly has been shown to keep their past hidden from the public eye, supposedly for the safety of everyone.

However, curious adventurers and researchers have over the course of the centuries revealed many secrets, including a supposed golden age: knowledge of the cosmos, technology way ahead of its time and advancements that made them almost unconquerable. Yet most of it has been lost or destroyed, presumably to avoid any more bloodshed to try and obtain such knowledge.

Nowadays, they have opened up their borders for others, sharing some of their newfound research and mixing their culture with others. While still secretive about their past, most of it has been buried or taken care of, wishing to start over with the mainland inhabitants.

Common Races


Myopsians are a race of squid-like humanoids who seem to not be from Fabulae itself. Instead, many presume them to come from beyond the stars, said to arrive in the belly of a giant whale. They make up most of the civilisations found on the mainland of Inselreich, being there for almost the longest.

Most of their history with the continent has been far from desirable, either secluding themselves from the outside world or having conflicts like with the Great Sangfroid War. Only in recent decades have they opened up to the rest of the continent, desiring to fix their troublesome past.


Sirens are a female-only race of amphibious humanoids, found mainly on the western Siren Islands. Supposedly, their origins are closely related to Myopsians, as both their history have been very close. Many possess an infamous voice that can persuade mortals alike or give an ear-piercing screech, leading to many tales as a femme fatale.

Their past has been also filled with troublesome times, whether it be defending their homeland from the Great Sangfroid Empire or the infamy of Melpomene. They too desire to change said viewpoint of them, although their road to redemption is still a long struggle.

Noteworthy Locations

Bloodmoon Graveyard

Bloodmoon Graveyard is a cluster of islands that have become the historical battlefield of the Day of the Red Sea. Most of the coast lines are covered in massive shipwrecks, making navigation often difficult. However, it has also become the hiding spot for many of the Crescent Sea's pirates, mainly being the home of the fabled Elisabeth Saltfroid III.


Kwal is the main capital of mainland Inselreich, a giant city home to most of the island's society. Known for its abstract architecture, it has become the stopover for most of the inner-sea travel towards other continents, although also the place for astronomy. Given the Myopsians loosening up to their research, this has made it the vocal point for any star-gazing scientist trying to understand the world beyond Fabulae.

Siren Islands

The Siren Islands are the western isles found in Inselreich, a secluded place that is the hotspot for the Siren race. Although the region doesn't benefit from the technological boom as much, it is said to be home to many ruins and port settlements to live at. Hence, many explorers often see it as the only way to learn more of the islands' history.

Stargazer Peaks

Stargazer Peaks are the tallest mountains of the mainland, given such name mainly by being excellent spots to observe the night sky. With a few observatories being present here as well, many astronomers make their home in these mountainous regions.

The map of Inselreich and its surrounding islands
Alternative Name(s)
Heart of the Crescent Sea
Land of the Stars
Location under
Owning Organization
Related Ethnicities

Abnormal Ecology

The isolated nature of Inselreich has led to an environment, unlike seen elsewhere on Fabulae. Many exotic plants and animals can be found here in the wild, whether it be unique variants of existing creatures or entirely new species exclusive to the islands.

Same can be said underwater, where the strange nature is even more extreme, to the point that many have described the sealife as downright alien. If it isn't for the vibrant colours found on fishes, the more abstract ecology and relationships make the inner sea look like it comes from another world.

Articles under Inselreich

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Author's Notes

This article was made for the #CallOfCartography Challenge, in which we had to make a map and its associated article for it.

The map is made with the Azgaar Fantasy Map Generator program, although some elements have been modified.

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