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From beyond the stars

Written by Endrise

You people seem always surprised to see my kind. But yet, this world is quite colourful even without us. I wouldn't know what makes us any different.
— Myopsian Nomad

Coming from beyond the stars, Myopsians are a race of squid-like folk native to Inselreich. Little is known from before they arrived on Fabulae, and with each generation the answers have become vaguer. To this day, it's rather unclear what their goal was.

However, some believe they only sought after a new home. And with how little incentive or aggression their kind shows to the rest of the world, that might be the truth.

Basic Information


Myopsians stand around the same size as a regular Human, but have more resemblance to that of squids. For instance, besides a spinal cord and skull, they lack any other bones. Their limbs instead are held up purely by muscle strength alone.

They also lack toes of any kind, instead walking on an evolved pair of tentacles. Their arms as well are but tentacles, allowing them flexibility in bending them. Each hand ends in three digits, one acting as a thumb for grabbing things.

Their head has three tentacles on either side, which they can move around or even grab things with. The eyes all share a rectangle iris, similar to that of octopi. Myopsians also have a second heart in the back of their head, which is as big as their eyes.

Biological Traits

Bendable Figure

As Myopsians lack any skeleton beyond a spine and skull, their bodies are quite flexible. Without much bones to work with, they can bend their limbs in every direction they want. With enough practice some know how to fit through holes only as big as their head.

Sexual Dimorphism

Myopsians show some very noticeable differences between the males and females. The main difference is their height, as males are a head smaller than the females.

Other differences are:

  • Length of the head tentacles;
  • Colouration of the skin;
  • Males have extra fins on the forehead and forearms

Genetics and Reproduction

Despite their alien nature, their reproductive cycle is simple to follow. After being impregnated, the female will produce hundreds of eggs, only but the size of a grape each. Within ten weeks, they get laid, usually underwater hanging from strings.

While they might get produced by the hundreds, only a few get fertilised. As such, while they might lay countless eggs, only around three children are born.

The hatching takes around three months to hatch, after which the unfertilised eggs get used as nutrients for the children. The mother stays around to make sure they're nice and healthy, if not join them in the water. It also helps with letting the babies imprint on their mother.

Growth Rate & Stages

Baby Myopsian by Endrise

When born, a Myopsian is but the size of a grape and only has gills. For the first weeks, it will do nothing more than eat its way through the unfertilised eggs of its mother. Unfortunately, this can also lead to some eating their unborn siblings if careless.

This stage continues for 2 months, where they start developing their skull and spine. A lower half starts to form as their second heart takes over the blood flow. By around 6 months, they have some semblance of a torso and limbs.

At 8 to 9 months old, a Myopsian starts to develop lungs and begins to breathe air, although it takes time to adapt.

Such progress can take a few weeks, if not longer. Most usually start crawling at around 11 months and start walking upright at a year old. From there they have their body grow to support the weight of their head. Males might also develop brighter colours or markings as they mature. Most are considered adults by around their 20s.

Ecology and Habitats

You don't wanna see me with dried skin. Lots of wrinkles.
— Myopsian Native

Most prefer humid climates with moderate to warm climates. Despite being a land-dwelling race, they do prefer to be near bodies of water. Few seek out drier or colder climates, as their body is not suited for such environment in the first place.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Evolved from a squid-like species, their face has more semblance to cephalopods than Humans. With big oval eyes and rectangle irises, many describe them as charming yet unsettling.

A noteworthy detail of their anatomy is the lack of proper teeth. Instead, their teeth are part of their skull, acting as an advanced beak of sorts.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Their kind only lives around the region of Sichelan, specifically Inselreich. While some do journey further than their home, those are rare and far between.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Myopsians can see well in dark environments. As a leftover from their aquatic days, it allows them to see things in the shadows with ease.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Male Names: Aeron, Ashr, Enders, Kyllen, Zav
Female Names: Alaegha, Evleyen, Idelle, Maesin, Ziahra

Major Organizations

Inselreichian Empire

The Inselreichian Empire is the head of Myopsian society on Fabulae. Shared with the Siren natives on Inselreich, its position gives it almost a monopoly on the oceanic trades.

However, due to issues with the rest of Sichelan, the empire has not been the most social. It lives excluded from the outside world, leading to a culture that can feel alien for some.

Beauty Ideals

Myopsians have different beauty standards for their males and females. For many males, being more visually colourful is seen as appealing, as negligence can dull their colours.

For females, height and strength are what many are attracted to. As they lack the colourful nature, they instead show it in posture and might. In a relationship, many have around twice as much strength as their partner, if not more.

Gender Ideals

Males and females are somewhat equal when it comes to their looks in society, but due to physical differences take on different roles. Male Myopsians often work at home, while females are inclined for more labour-heavy duties.

The one thing they do seem to share is taking care of their child. From the early years on, females take care of their children. Around 4 years in, the role gradually shifts towards the male, who then becomes the caretaker for the children.

Courtship Ideals

They say the less rings on the chain, they more a couple trusts eachother. My sweetheart only put 3 rings between our bracelets.
— Married Myopsian

Before a Myopsian couple marries, they see if they're compatible with one another. While the typical courtship traditions happen, the ultimate challenge is to get chained together for a while. By chaining one of their head tentacles to the other's, they test how truly compatible they are.

For the period of anywhere from a day to a week, they share life in this connected state. Removing the chain only occurs if the situation demands them to get separated, but the bracelet must stay on. Removing the bracelet is deemed a breakup.

Some couples do lengthen or shorten the chain where needed. A few Myopsians instead prefer to chain the wrists together instead. As for interspecies relationships, it's common for the wrist option to happen or the partner to grow their hair long for the occasion.

Relationship Ideals

Most Myopsians marry for life, ensuring that they take care of one another until death parts them. It is rare for one to divorce, although not unheard off.

There is no leading role in a relationship, as both do the tasks to ensure an optimal lifestyle. There are claims that females are in charge, but the evidence is hard to come by.

Average Technological Level

There seems to be an uncertainty about how advanced Myopsian society actually is. They are not any more advanced than the rest of the world, yet show a striking knowledge about biology. From the genetics of plants to what animals need to be bred to create optimal species.

Thanks to such knowledge, they make excellent researchers into the lifecycle of nature. From learning about ecosystems to operating on bodies, anything natural they could break down into a study. It has made Inselreich also the leader in medical practices that saved the lives of many.

Magic is for them still a complicated thing at times. While it does exist in their society, it isn't as advanced. As such, curses and magical conditions are out of their scope, but they are catching up.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Living secluded for so long led to Myopsians making up their own languages separate from Sichelan. While the common tongue is spoken, Inselia is their proper mother language. There are even some that still speak Ancient Myopsian, but the language has been dead for a long while.

There is also some body language that Myopsians show that other races don't. With their head tentacles being moveable, they can get quite expressive with them. And as some display minor control over their skin pigmentation, they can colour-code emotions too if needed.

Common Dress Code

Cover up? Cover up what?
— Female Myopsian

Lightweight and spacious is what Myopsians consider to be the ideal outfits to wear. Due to the warmer climates on Inselreich, skirts and robes are common attire. And since females lack an actual chest, both sexes often go topless as well.

Bracelets and rings for the head tentacles are also a common fashion sense for many of their kind. Some hairstyles even tie the back tentacles together, creating a ponytail.


Arrival on Fabulae

Myopsians first came to Fabulae around several centuries ago. According to their own old texts, they came from beyond the Moon and even from beyond the stars. Mythified as them riding in the belly of a whale, they crashed into the oceans near Inselreich, and washed ashore.

As the island region wasn't on any major maps yet, Myopsians began their new civilisation without outside interference. Lacking their former technology, they resorted to a more classical hunter-gatherer society until agriculture was established.

Over time, they expanded down south where they met the Sirens. Although the two factions did seem to first show issues, it began to clear up over time agreeing to split up the archipelago. Over the course of a century or two, they banded together to form the Inselreichian Empire.

Throughout the rest of the century, they united the whole island region. With a combined force, they mapped out the island region, growing strong over the century.

First Contact

The Myopsians came into contact with the Great Sangfroid Empire during Velda Sangfroid's reign. When a ship went off-course towards Inselreich, they became known to the wider world.

They negotiated with the Great Sangfroid Empire, allowing them to stay independent. The only requirement was for them to allow the passage of ships via their islands. An agreement was struck, leading to them beginning to trade with the rest of Sichelan.

Star Plague

We know the moment they were done with the Elves they'd go after us. So we had to twist their arm. It was either them, or us.
— Inselreicher

Things changed when the continent got struck by a disease, now known as the Star Plague. Possibly something native to Inselreich, it devastated the population. To try and halt it, the trade routes were closed, leaving the islands isolated again.

When the pandemic ended though, Inselreich discovered how the west and east of Sichelan went into war. The Blazing War led to them forcing another negotiation, wanting to stay neutral. Reluctantly, Sangfroid accepted it, leading to Inselreich becoming a safe haven for many.

Great Sangfroid War

When the Great Sangfroid War broke out, Caesar Sangfroid wanted to use Inselreich as a way to flank Silva. Due to the neutral zone agreement, the Inselreichian Empire denied this. However, Kaiser Sangfroid ignored the treaty, trying to invade the islands.

What followed was the Day of the Red Sea, with Myopsians and Sirens alike defending their home. Although both sides suffered losses, Inselreich came out victorious in the end. To further add salt to the wound, they closed their routes again, isolating Inselreich again.

After the war, the Inselreichian Empire would keep its borders closed for decades. Only around a century or two ago did they bother to open it, allowing a trade route to sail again.

Common Myths and Legends

  • Myopsians can read minds: Although quite intelligent, they aren't psychic.
  • Myopsians eat brains: Their diet consists of fish and other seafood, not Human brains.
  • Myopsians can regrow whole limbs: While they can heal a finger or tentacle, the progress takes months. Major limb loss is irreversible though.
  • Myopsians can go invisible: Some can camouflage themselves with their skin, but true invisibility is something they can't do.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Myopsians lived a very exclusive life with the rest of the world, only knowing Sirens that well. As such, there isn't much interactions between them and other species.

However, despite this, their track record is quite clean and they are curious when it comes to other races. Although some might think they are xenophobic, they moreso are cautious of people instead. The big problem comes from their alien nature, which can be unsettling for some.

So while they aren't well known, people do know of their existence. And the few interactions they had with the outside world were always seen as good rather than bad.

Male & Female Myopsian by Endrise

Myopsian Players

Myopsians adventurers want to explore the world to learn more about its whereabouts. Due to their somewhat alien nature, they do stand out like a sore thumb. People might get confused at what they are, so it's not surprising some might seek out a party to have someone help them get around.

Scientific Name
Myopsida Sapien Sapien
Unknown, presumably from beyond Fabulae
75 years
Average Height
142 cm-182 cm
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Males: Vibrant colours such as light green or blue. Often has markings around their body.
Females: Duller colours, muddy or sand-like tones.
Related Ethnicities

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Articles under Myopsian

Cover image: Species - Octopus Cover by Endrise


Type Aberration
Ability Score Modifier +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Cha
Size medium
Speed Myopsians have a base speed of 30 feet and a swim speed of 30 feet.
Language Common, Aquan. Myopsians with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).

Darkvision: Myopsians can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Skilled: Myopsians get a +2 racial bonus on their Heal skill checks.
Flexible Body: Myopsians do not take penalties on their attack rolls or to their AC for squeezing through a narrow space that is at least half as wide as their normal space, though each move into or through a narrow space still counts as if it were 2 squares.


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