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Beyond Existence Itself

Written by Endrise

There always is a bigger fish, always a greater god.
— Iscah

One of the least understood things in all of Fabulae and the Cosmic Hourglass, Celestials are more than just gods. They are the creators of worlds, the makers of realms, the gods of gods.

Their existence is unclear, their history unknown. The only possibly interaction is through one oracle. As such, they are shrouded in mystery more than any other being in existence.

The Creators of Worlds

Shapeless Entities

While there are people who can describe how a Celestial looks, their true forms are impossible to comprehend. Whether it be that mortal eyes can't understand their form or they don't even have a true form, nobody is sure.

Instead, the way they seem to become comprehensible to mortals is by changing how we view them. As such, they can take any form they wish to communicate with. This can be a mortal form, a close relative, a god-like entity or even something not even humanoid.

They also are capable of changing sex, voice, even things like smell and taste. Even their surroundings are effected by this phenomenon, allowing them to alter the perception of others.

Unbound Potential

Unlike other species in the Cosmic Hourglass, Celestials aren't tied to either space or time. In a sense, they exist everywhere at any time, They are not bound by the laws that tie reality together. For them, laws are only guidelines, not rules.

Some even take it a step further and alter how the laws work, whether it be in subtle ways or not so subtle ways. Physics change, history gets rewritten, characters come into existence or cease to be, often with people not even knowing. For them, this always was their reality.

As such, there is no limit to what a Celestial can do to a world. The only thing that can even restrict their power is the influence of another Celestial.

Omnipotent, not Omniscient

I know many things, but not all of them. You might want to find out things for yourself if you are truly that curious.
— Fasma

In a weird twist, Celestials are not omniscient. While their power allows them to alter the fabric of reality to their whim, they are not all knowing. They can be very knowledgeable of things, but there are restrictions to what they know.

Even the creators of their own world might not be fully aware of what's happening at any time. The Celestial Fasma for instance has stated she knows not everything, as even she can forget what she brought into this world.

The World of Creators

Celestial Realm

The Celestial Realm is where all Celestials resides, a nexus point for all worlds. Due to its sheer size and scope, very little is known about it. Even the Celestials themselves don't know much about what lies out there.

As quoted by Fasma herself:

Celestials have an imagination that comes in many forms: Worlds of swords and magic, worlds of flying ships across the stars. People from the past, present and future.

Stories with glory and hope... But also where all of that is lost. Societies of people just like you, but also with things like centipedes that like sushi. There is no limit to what we might create, whether it be good or bad.

Celestial Realm by Endrise

There are theories of the idea some things in the Cosmic Hourglass are from outside of it. Whether it be artefacts or ideas, to even some species or entire societies that migrated to this reality. Only Fasma can truly give confirmation about this.

History with the Cosmic Hourglass

Celestials have a crucial significance in the creation of the Cosmic Hourglass even before their discovery. Most noticeably, the Celestial Fasma. Thanks to her, reality is how it is, from all the realms that exist to the species that inhabit it.

She originally created the Titans as an attempt for gods, but after a revolt were removed. Demons and Angels were a fleeting thought, solved by putting them in a stalemate. Many other things came along as well, although it's unsure what is or isn't influenced by Fasma's power.

The Church of the Wandering Flame

Things changed for the world when Iscah discovered the First Flame, meeting up with Fasma in the Celestial Realm. When confronted with a mortal witnessing her, she offered an explanation and even provided a blessing to her. And with that, the people became aware of Celestials.

From said encounter began the Church of the Wandering Flame and Fasma helped guide the world further along. By letting the Fire Maiden become her oracle, she learned more of what was happening in Fabulae and could make better choices.

What exactly she did was never sure, but most assume it were sparks that began great moments in history. Events that influenced people, societies or even entire continents, from the birth of heroes to the rise of villains. The creation of empires, and their inevitable fall.

Age of Silence

Things changed when Fabulae was struck by two great wars: the Blazing War and the Great Sangfroid War. With the world left in disarray, Fasma did not know what to do anymore.

Without even a word or a warning, she vanished for centuries, leaving the world without a Celestial to look over it. Only less than a century ago did she return, choosing a new Fire Maiden to present her. And with it, she encouraged a new age of adventurers to fix the broken world.

Noteworthy Celestials


The creator of the Cosmic Hourglass and head deity of the Church of the Wandering Flame. Thanks to her willingness to explain, Fasma helped made Celestials be more understood. However, there are some things she has yet to explain or refuses to elaborate on.


A rather unknown Celestial only described in a few records across the world. Said to rule over the Ashen World, Ornella is described as but an infant in the lifespan of other Celestials. And according to some, Fasma might be her mentor, or not even more.

Fasma Worldbuilder Form Cosmic.png

Celestial by Endrise

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