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Celestial Realm

Sea of Stars

Written by Fasma
Someone's here? How peculiar...
I thought it'd be harder to breach the borders... Yet here we are, again.
...Might as well explain what this place is while we're at it.
I have only saw her face once, but that sight was... Otherworldly. Like gazing into the start of all existence, surrounded by an infinite other ones.
— Iscah

The Cosmic Hourglass is a vast cosmos of many worlds, both mundane and fantastical. Yet, as you can see, it isn't the end of all things. Beyond the furthest planes lies a world on a scale no mortal can comprehend: the Celestial Realm.

It is a realm with no map, a reality with no laws you would understand. Here, everything you could know has no meaning, as such common knowledge doesn't apply here.

The Space Between Realities

To best explain what the Celestial Realm is, it is the space between realities. Not the space between worlds, between realities. Different existences with different laws and different origins.

For someone from one of said worlds, the other ones might only look like specks of colours. A fascinating spectrum of endless possibilities, too vast for one mind to take all in.

It's like gazing into a starry night sky...So many creations that inspired me...

Navigating it is deemed impossible, at least by themselves. Most worlds are out of reach for anything mortal, taking numerous lifetimes just to reach. Only through the aid of something divine might they be capable of doing so.


Yes, that's me

The Celestial herself...

Bringer of the First Flame.

Fasma Worldbuilder Form Cosmic.png

Celestial by Endrise

What do you think?

Or at least, what you think is me.


Creation needs creators, and to do so the Celestial Realm has its own natives: the Celestials.

Many have their own ways of describing them: creators, gods or just higher beings. But in the end, they are the maker of worlds. Some cherish only a single world, others billions. Some work alone on their creations, others in a collaborate way.

Their minds think of tales of thousands years worth of stories, of realms as deep as one can imagine. The fabric of reality is for them but a thought, a blink, a spark born from the depths of their cores.

Each one brings their own creation into this endless sea, to shine the eternal heavens, to inspire one another. Maybe even inspire their own creations while they are at it.

Celestial Realm by Endrise

Alternative Name(s)
Sea of Stars
The Cosmic Infinity
The Outer World
Realm of the Gods
Dimensional plane
Included Locations
Inhabiting Species

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