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Celestial Tongue

Language of Creation

Written by Endrise

The tongue of Fasma holds power over creation, for we are but its words made manifest. Though one may question our freedom with such revelation, the author only wrote the words, for its pages belong to the world.
— Cecilia

The Celestial Tongue is the language of creation, used by the Celestials that exist outside of time and space itself. A powerful set of words that hold enough power in each syllable to shape reality itself. Though only a few mortals know how to speak its true potential.

Language of Creation

What little is understood of the Celestial Tongue describes it as a language that makes worlds. Less something spoken or written, but used to build the foundation of realities.

Due to its otherworldly nature, most do not comprehend its existence in any meaningful way. Less because they do not understand it, but that they see it differently.

Whereas Celestials see words, mortal eyes see reality as it is. The mind translates it into our understanding of existence, making it both easy to read but hard to break down. Should one remove that mental filter, one can then better understand how it all works.


Words that will hurt you

The power that the Celestial language holds is that of reality, allowing it to bend existence whenever spoken. The gravity of a single word can change things in its vicinity, causing a ripple effect on those around them. Either something small, or strong enough to affect entire cities.

The effects caused are rarely clean, as words try pushing into the existing fabric of reality. Forcing things to change against their will, depending on what was spoken.

Such changes are strong enough to bypass almost all forms of protection, moving between spells and existence to shape reality. Very few things counter its effects, making it impossible to fight against a spoken word. One can only win if nothing gets spoken to begin with.

Felt, not spoken

Those that can hear the language in clarity seem to not hear the words themselves. Instead, they manifest as feelings in the other senses: colours in the eyes, tingles in the fingers, tastes on the tongue, etc.

This makes writing or speaking it need more than a verbal component. Celestial Tongue needs the whole body to work in unison to make coherent sentences. Even then, mortal limits prevent proper pronunciation.


Celestial words can hold multiple meanings depending how one pronounces them. Often these are either literal or metaphorical, changing the abilities the word holds.

One can make even a single word able to be used in different manners. It can also backfire on those that mispronounce them, as its meaning could change in unintended ways. Hence why people are cautious to learn the proper way to say each word.

Known Speakers
Former Speakers

Rhythm of the Universe

Rhythm plays a big importance in the language for some unknown reason. Cecilia's journal speaks of the universe resonating with a melody, singing back to her. However, no actual voice exists, only an echo trapped in the instruments she could hear.

One theory suggests that the Celestial tongue traps one’s voice within its words. This allows the language to speak without anyone being there, and for realities to function independent from their creators.

Cultural Significance

The Celestial Tongue is barely understood with a bare bones dictionary of known words. Mortal filters prevent people from seeing it. Studying it further is impossible, as nobody knows how to remove that filter at all. At least not without problems or side effects.

Even people like the Fire Maiden have their sight adjusted to grasp a Celestial's form, making their aid also a dead end.

If you keep insisting that I know how to speak Fasma's language, I ask you to leave immediately.
— Ori Santoro

Whether the Wandering Flame's Church would even help is up to debate, fearing the dangers giving such knowledge would bring. Most study surrounding the language ends up in the hands of underground researchers and individual linguists.

Thiry-Two Words

Only thirty-two words ever got written down of the language. Gathered by Fire Maiden Cecilia, she compiled them into her journal to the best of her advantage. However, the “32 words of the Celestial Tongue” are lost to time thanks to Eldred Van Assen stealing it.

Attempts to track down its pages lead one across multiple cults and private owners. Some got destroyed over time, while others tried to use them for their own gain with various results. Although more than half of them and their whereabouts remain unknown.

Magic & Power Words

A running theory is that magic works on a diminished language of the Celestial Tongue. The Fae's ties with Fasma would allow them to tap into it and later on mortals as well. Through rigerous trial and error, spells blocked off its dangerous side-effects to make it easier to use.

The magic of Power words may be the closest thing resembling it. As each one only holds one true meaning, it allows consistency when cast and henceforth prevents it from backfiring. Although it does limit their versatility and strength in exchange for this safety.

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Author's Notes

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