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With countries scattered across six continents and one shared trade hub, Jerde is rich in flora, fauna, society, and technology. Although not as advanced nor perhaps as diverse as other planets or realities, it is well known for its Gifteds, humans with genetic magical powers. Gifted powers dictate and assist with much of daily life on Jerde, and Gifteds are mostly accepted worldwide except in certain countries.   Jerde's magic and intertwined stories give it the life that other worlds have, with much of daily life helped by magic. Only a few of Earth's religions are present here from the Dark Years, but numerous Gifted-centered ones exist in various areas of the world. Similarities between Jerde and Earth may be made, but many things are different, with the largest difference being the presence of magic.   A note that there are occasionally excerpts and scenes placed in articles that may contain some triggering content, along with mentions or descriptions of violence, some of it unprovoked. Warnings will appear on those articles at the top.  

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