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Tierhal (TEER-hahl)

The central country of Narthica , Tierhal has often been called the most powerful country on the continent. It shares borders with Whirlan, Crystland, and the Spiral Mountains that border Rifthaven.
Should we really travel all the way to Tierhal? If they're strong enough to resist the Dalirn singlehandedly, what can we offer them?
— Cardan, Heir of Storms


Tierhal is an absolute monarchy ruled by the leader of its ruling house, House Enlim. Inheritance is passed down through the oldest child of the king and queen. In centuries past, only a male heir could take the throne, but in 1612 the law was changed so that the ruling king's favorite and eldest daughter could rule on her own. While attempts have been made over the years to change the law back, none have succeeded and female heirs amassed strong followings whenever these attempts occurred.


Tierhal was the second country founded in Narthica. While the majority of its founders come from Eterlania, many influential Gifted Houses originated in Rushlinna and traveled over the area that would eventually become Rifthaven to settle in the new country. Since the very beginning of its history, Tierhal has been ruled by a monarchy headed by House Enlim. House Enlim's dominant Gifted power has changed multiple times over the years, but its strength has never faded.  
by Lilliana Casper
Tierhal is likely the strongest Narthican country in consideration of both Gifted powers and military strength. Many of Nathica's most powerful houses have roots here. It shares a mountain border with Rifthaven and is one of the only countries to trade with them. Tierhal has fought often with Crystland and Whirlan, especially during the Six-Day War in 1843 when all three major countries fought against each other, but has had very few internal power struggles. The most recent major internal disturbance was the secret destruction of House Rivites by King Carzonar sometime in 2049.
In 2054, the king, queen, and their daughter attended the birthday celebration of Princess Laharika of Whirlan. An argument broke out between the kings of Tierhal and Crystland, resulting in threats made to Crystland's Crown Princess. Tierhal then closed itself off from Crystland and Whirlan, even more so after King Rendorik and Queen Lavinia were killed later in the year. Three years ago, King Carzonar and Queen Eronemia died mysteriously and their daughter took over, cutting off contact with the entire continent and leaving all to wonder how strong their central neighbor really is.

Die together, kill together.

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute

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Cover image: by Lilliana Casper
Character flag image: by Lilliana Casper


Author's Notes

After only a week of serious writing, I finished this article! The crest image looks a little weird after uploading, but I think it's mostly okay.

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Mar 27, 2024 21:20 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I absolutely love their crest.   I'm glad that people haven't been able to change the law back to prevent females from inheriting.

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Apr 1, 2024 02:26 by Lilliana Casper

Thank you! I created the crest sort of randomly, but I do think it fits.

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