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Children of Fasma

Written by Endrise

At first it seemed like a good idea. Gods fueled by the spark of my creation, allowing them to aid a new world into its first steps.   They were the reason no god is eternal.
— Fasma

Titans are the first gods of Fabulae, the children of the Celestial Fasma. Giant beings fueled by the creator’s flame, they once stood tall amongst the people in Prehistoria.

Now considered extinct, no Titan rules supreme anymore. Left behind in legends as their corpses lie scattered across the lands, part of the earth they once stood upon. But even in death does their power bless and corrupt, touching upon those wandering near their graves.

The First Gods

Giants Amongst Men

Each Titan towers over the average mortal, ranging from a few dozen feet to miles. Despite sharing a same title as a species, few share similar traits beyond their size and height. Both humanoid and animalistic Titans exist, with some combining traits of both.

Few follow any biological logic, as their divine nature makes them have no need for such functions. They instead follow a more thematic approach to their appearances, resembling closely to the domains they rule. A Titan of beasts has a dozen horns and quadruped stance, while a Titan of Nature has hair made of leaves and skin resembling bark.

None show the need to eat, drink or sleep, nor did they age. They are, by all definitions, truly immortal, with the only known way to kill one is to destroy their soul. But over the millennia, it became more unsure whether they can even die at all.

Celestial Spark

All Titans carry a sliver of Fasma's power, granting them part of her control over creation. The difference lies in their limitations, as each one only controls a specific domain.

Through both physical touch and presence, they can shape existence around them. How far their reach with it is remains questionable, but records claim it to affect entire regions.

Even the remains of a Titan can influence things around them. Their graves show signs of unnatural geography and megafauna, altered by the corpses of the first gods. Whether the Titans have control over such changes in the environment is unclear.

Titan's Blood

Centuries after the fall of the first gods, people learned their power exists within their blood. Titan's Bloodis a potent substance that carries that spark of creation, allowing it to warp anything that comes in touch with it.

Each Titan’s blood has unique properties, but all can cause rapid mutation within someone’s system. Though, with its quantities being rare nowadays, finding anything more than a vial is scarce. Nobody is even sure if there is any blood left to harvest from their bodies.

Genetic Ancestor(s)

The Titans

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