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Draconic Fuel

Fuel of the Ancient Beasts

Written by Endrise

Even in death Dragons show their power in other, more particular ways.
— Paragon of the Scale

Draconic Fuel is a liquid found on Fabulae, prominently in the region of Raucher. While having a religious connection for a long while, only now does it fuel a new technological age.

Efficient as a fuel source and found in abundance, it has made a resurgence into new forms of energy. And as its research improves, so do the inventions using it.

The Nature of Dragon Fuel


The substance has a black, oil-like composure to it at a regular view. If looked at in the right light, one can see numerous colours flow through it in the shades of a Dragon's scales.

It is ill-advised to touch with a bare hand, as the substance irritates the skin leaving nasty rashes upon long-term contact. Should it end up burning though, it can expose chemicals in a rainbow of flames, making it quite toxic to inhale.

Effects on Draconic Bloodlines

One weirder side effect of draconic fuel is its influence on those with Dragon heritages. When in direct contact with the body, it awakens any dormant traits, often in a violent outburst. The progress does not avoid the rashes, making it an irritating transformation.

The effects also apply when ingested, varying from very minor to drastic. A good glass is enough to force most to change, with a small sip allowing smaller traits to manifest.


The fuel is most common in regions where Dragons live or used to live. Fossils of the ancient beasts proceed to get buried deep beneath the crust, under pressure turned into the substance.

Over time it resurfaces, leading to pools bubbling out of the ground. Other times they gather up in underground air pockets, forcing people to mine for it.

History & Usage


Draconic fuel has not a well-known history in the wide span of the world, only appearing in a few known records. People saw the pools as ill omens due to their dark colouration and effects on the mortal skin. The tales of some getting lit on fire only worsened the idea, leading to assumptions they were a curse brought forth by Dragons.

In Raucher though there was a different tale, as the populace living close to Dragons saw the effects on it on those with draconic blood. As such, it became a somewhat sacred element, referred to them as the pure essence of Dragonkind.

Things changed when Mortius Vie first arrived on Raucher, discovering the substance and its utility. In a matter of a few years he was able to design the first compatible engine with it, starting a new era of technology.

With the first engines made, Vie Incorporated was established, pumping more of it out of the ground. What came from it was a small business that began peaking interests into new fuel sources, but not without problems.

Natives were sceptical of the business, seeing the dangers of pumping draconic fuel. Some groups accepted it only on specific areas, while others saw the whole practise as blasphemous. A few do accept the newfound advances, mixing their religious practises with the usage of machinery.

Religious use

How shocking. Bathing in an oil known to cause rashes gives you rashes. Who would've thought that would happen...
— Onora Roach

In the religious practices from the Paragons of the Scale, draconic fuel has a sacred element to it. People use it to light up oil lamps, allowing rooms to be lit with colourful flames. Those only get used in temples and shrines, if not also some ceremonies related to the faith.

A more sacred ceremony is the draconic cleanse, where one washes themselves with the oil to awaken their draconic heritage. Due to the irrritating effects on the skin, it can be an intense ceremony. And for those truly unlucky it does not even activate any traits at all.

Industrial Use

In a more industrial environment, it is a very powerful and viable fuel source for everything from vehicles to constructs. With the invention for compatible engines that run on it, machines can use draconic fuel to power themselves up.

While in its raw form it works fine enough, refining the oil makes it only more efficient. By separating the purer elements from the sludge, it avoids clogging the pipes of machinery. The sludge meanwhile ends up stored elsewhere, finding little proper use for anything else.

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