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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a vital trade resource that supports a settlement or region
A total of 379 entries

Nellindill Plasticware

'Giant Elven Tree' Lumber

Furs of the Forbidden Beasts

The Silver of Duvik's Pass

Sunaro's Tula Export

Golem Building Rope

Lakeweave Silkspinner

New Moldavite deposits discovered near Brno

Ramosa Galvanized Stelerium

Plaster of Eurani City

Spider Silk Thread

Vina Sangre: Blood Wine of Sulaste

The Mines of the Zayirin

Yellow Blood of the Earth

Essentia Crystals

Yuma: Permanent Food

Alchemical Silver

Woolly Rhino Horns

Alchemized Voidhive

Ignition Crystals

Kalruuthian Food

Purple Peppers of Madura

Glass of Al-Riyah Haraq

Micro-sized cristaline compound sand

Sapphire Forged Steel

Bois de chêne eyefaen

Potions for Trade & Profit

Hells Gold- EldurFell's Sulfur Industry - By Luna Sverovarg

Colored Wood of Southern Star Archipelago, Oceania - Prompt #28 A vital trade resource that supports a region or settlement

Kael Thalori Timber

Zients Old Order Trade Routes

Butterbee Chestnut Honey Butter

Rainbow Fish Filets

The Wines of Champs de Violet

Kindle Spirits and Alcohol

Yanhienga Saltpeter

Coral Fabric Dye

Silver Needle Extract

Péarlaí Korporatë

Hexocybin Mushrooms

Pure Magic Essence

Hexarough Dwarven Steel

Resina del vacío

magische Kristalle

The Black Salt Of The Wyobi Waste

Tanllyd Crystals {English}