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Kaoker: Deadroots


Material Characteristics

When properly washed and cleaned, kaoker feels very smooth. It reflects a small amount of light, though the illusion it provides makes it seem as if the kaoker itself is providing the light from within. Its color is milky white, which helps with the cleaning process. It looks like thick strands of hair, or thin noodles, wrapped around each other.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Kaoker has incredible tensile strength, rivaling some metals. For all this, it's quite bendable and flexible. It's lightweight, and it can be sawn into whatever lengths one needs while still maintaining its properties. Unlike a great many plant materials, its properties seem to be very consistent throughout; it doesn't seem to have a specific weak point.

Geology & Geography

Kaoker is generally found about one to two cubits deep into the soil of northwest Tuhra. It's found under a layer of stabilizing roots of dead trees and above a network of deep-harvesting roots. More than that, it's found amidst a large quantity of saltwater muck.

Origin & Source

After the Great Tuhran Flood, a great percentage of Tuhra's native trees were killed by saltwater. The leaves of these trees fell off, and the bark became brittle. Even still, the thin roots of these trees remained intact. These roots even maintained a modicum of cellular growth; when the tip of one is connected to the origin of another, the branches fuse together with the same strength as the rest of the root. These could then be pulled into rope.

Life & Expiration

Kaoker can withstand a number of different conditions, from humid to arid. However, it does succumb to rot, either dry rot or decomposition. It takes decades for kaoker to lose its original strength, but its lifespan is very reliable, making its replacement very predictable. When dry, it is fairly flammable.

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