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Kalruuthian Food

Food is vital for every living being in the world. It is a core need in order for life to survive and the People of Atharia are no exception. Duun'Kalruuth is an ancient Dwarvenkind Mountainhome which is fully submerged within the Kalruuth Mountains. Producing food in this city is difficult, however Kalruuthians have found ways to overcome this hurdle of survival.   Kalruuthian food is a triumph to all, as many struggles to survive on subterranean food. However, Kalruuthians do it every day. This commodity is also a valued export, especially for far away Kalruuthians who need a taste of home. Many other cultures enjoy a Kalruuthian meal too.  


There are a few animals who are able to be kept within the Mountainhome; Cave Pigs and Bearded Turkeys are just a couple of examples. Many Kalruuthians have also acquired the taste of rodents and insects, however, this is pretty rare.  

Kalruuthian Bacon

The most famous kind of meat which many Kalruuthians drool over (and almost literally so) is Bacon from the Cave Pigs which many farmers keep. They claim it is the meatiest and the crispiest bacon in the entire world. Sausages, Joints and Pork Scratchings are also a Kalruuthian delicacy. In fact, there is a large volume that is exported from the Mountainhome. So much that it is possible this is the most exported Kalruuthian commodity.


Without the sun glaring on the Mountainhome, it is impossible to grow most plants. However, Kalruuthians have managed to be able to grow a wide variety of Mushrooms, Tublars (potatoes) and there are even some fruit-bearing trees that grow in the Mountainhome. How these trees are able to grow underground is said to be because of Kalruuth's blessings.  

The Plump Helmet

The most common mushroom to be found in Kalruuthian meals, the Plump Helmet is the fastest-growing mushroom. With this pacey cultivation and yield, it is not a surprise this mushroom is highly used. It is also one of the more colourful mushrooms with is purplish tint when it is ripe.


If there is one thing Kalruuthians love to do during their downtime, is drinking. In fact, barrels of ale, wine and whiskey are drunk by Kalruuthians every day.

Mushroom Ale

A thick and frothy beverage that is smooth to gulp, Mushroom Ale is made of what it suggests, mushrooms. A popular ale is made from Plump Helmet, which is lighter than the other kinds. This drink is also known as the Commoner's Water, as it is said this is all they drink; however this is also considered to be a stereotyping opinion.

Kalruuthian Wine

These are made from the subterranean grapes known as Fruitstones, a pale orange fruit that can be mistaken for as a gem. Fruitstones are pressed and then fermented to make a rich and sweet wine. Barrels of this wine is mostly consumed by the higher classes of Kalruuthian society, and the higher classes and nobility of the world.


Kalruuthians are a proud society who live within the Kalruuth Mountains, in the mountainhome of Duun'Kalruuth. In the centre of the mountainhome is Kalruuth's Heart and it is the core of every Kalruuthian.   Read more about Kalruuthians, here.


The mountainhome of Kalruuthians, an ancient Dwarvenkind settlement within the Kalruuth Mountains. It is the only mountainhome which is fully submerged in a mountain.


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