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People of Atharia

There are many different kinds of people in this world. Atharia is home to many people who share the same natural traits. Some are physical and others describe their natural abilities. Atharians may have a mixture of these traits, and define themselves based on a number of things; physical appearance, parental or heritage backgrounds, or even their cultural background. Ultimately, it is down to the individuals on how they identify themselves, for whatever reason that may be.   In Atharia there are 3 kinds of people; Mankind, Elvenkind and Dwarvenkind. An individual may show signs and characteristics of these kinds depending on their parentage. These people may also identify themselves as one or the other, which depends on a wide variety of things from cultural backgrounds to personal preference or beliefs. (See more in Interspecies Relationships)   Not only can the kinds of people so physical signs of their kind, but they can show their kind through the things they do. Each kind of person is capable of developing any skill they are able to. There are many factors which can influence one's ability, which also includes one's natural traits. Even though some kinds of people are viewed to be better at some things than others, this does not mean the other kinds are incapable or inferior at a particular skill. For example, an Elf or a person with Elven characterisics might be considered to have 'greater' perception than other kinds; however this does not mean a Dwarf or Human cannot be 'better.'  

Societies & Cultures

The people of Atharia have the innate ability to adapt to their natural surroundings. This common trait is shown by the way people are able to survive in all kinds of conditions. High or low, hot or cold; even light or dark, Atharians learn to overcome the challenges they may face or fail trying. By banding together and forming tribes and clans; Atharians have grown and developed themselves into sprawling realms and civilisations.   That said, historically speaking, many of the people of Atharia lived in their own kind of place. The stereotypes with which folks label each other, do hold some merit; at least in the traditional sense. Dwarves did indeed mostly reside in their Mountainhomes and Elves dwelled deep within the forests of Atharia; with Human finding home in their large stone-walled abodes. Though nowadays, most people have learned to mix with each other; with those who still continue their traditions.  

Behavioural Tendencies

A person's behaviour is often due to how the individuals are influenced by their surroundings. Even though there are many tropes on how a certain person typically acts, individual differences play a huge part in the world of Atharia. To learn how one would truly act, you'd need to learn their background.  

Interspecies Relationships

It is naturally possible for the different kinds of people of Atharia to procreate. However, the customs and acceptance of interspecies relationships can vary.   When partners of different kinds procreate, their offspring share a mix of traits based on their parents; particularly the physical traits. Also, it is often the case where daughters show more physical features of their mothers, and the sons of their fathers; though this is not mutually exclusive, as the opposite can occur. Children can also show signs of their grandparents too, though the further up the hereditary line, the least likely their ancestry will show. A child's characteristics are mostly due to their parentage.  


Purism is the principle of being against interspecies relationship which many hold this ideal. The opinion describes how people should only mix with others of their own kind, and not any other. The level of appropriate interaction, at least in the purist's view, can vary from person to person and can also potentially forbid intimate and platonic relationships.

Kinds of People


Mankind, also known as man, human or humankind, is often identified as being a fairly tall person, ranging at around 5ft and 6ft; rarely 7ft. They're often either slim, fit or round. Their hair can be thick or thin, which vary in colour from blonde, to brown and ginger; though the older the Human the greyer it can get. Humans are also able to grow facial hair, more so than elves, but less so than dwarves.


Elves are often taller than average Human, ranging mostly at around 6ft; who also rarely reach 7ft. Their figure is often slenderer though with their height, this balances their weight to be roughly the same as Humans. The most notable characteristic are their ears, which point up to a tip. Some Elves' ears are longer and pointier than others, many even droop at the end.


Dwarves are the shortest of the common types of people, reaching between 4ft and 5ft. However what they lack in size, they make up for in their stocky figure. At least that is what a 'true' dwarf would pride themselves with; as it is their stocky nature which provides them their strength. Dwarves are also capable of growing thick long beards, which can reach the floor; something which can indeed be impressive, but also impractical.


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I like the overview of the different species that make up the people of Atharia. It's really nice that, even though they belong to different species, they count as one people. :)

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