The World of the Hefflings

World Date: 11th of May in 989

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A world to (eventually) immerse yourself into and explore the various lands, planes and wonder this world has to offer.

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Soon you will be able to explore and adventure the world as a Heffling. On these adventures, you will be able to meet various characters, visit wondrous cities and landscapes, whilst having your destiny in your hands.

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New World Homepage on WA(14/08/2020)

I felt like the homepage needed sprucing up, so I did just that
There is still much more to do, but we're getting there!


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The World of the Hefflings has 37 Hefflings

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A quick and easy way to get the latest news and info about a wide range of things; especially with the Hefflings.

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The Discord Server is a great place to meet other fans on the World of the Hefflings! It is also the best place for all of the latest news and updates regarding the Hefflings. You can also share your own pieces of art there too, because being creative is fun!

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Watch me write adventure and build the world, whilst also getting all of the behind the scenes details, on my Twitch Channel. Check the Twitch Schedule below when I am live. The Twitch live streams are where you can ask me anything about the world and worldbuilding, as well as somewhere you too can work on something creative. You can then share your creative thing on our Discord!


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Twitch Schedule

Something Sunday; where we do something (often creative) on a Sunday at 5pm GMT/UK time 'til 7:30pm.
  Worldbuilding Wednesdays; where we worldbuild on a Wednesday at 5pm GMT/UK time 'til 8pm.
  Funday Friday; where we have fun playing games on a Friday at 5pm GMT/UK time 'til 8pm (though sometimes later).
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