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Hungry Angel

Appley - The Hungry Angel
Map of the Hungry Angel tavern in Appley.
This place was better when Miraric played there. I wonder what ever happened to him? He was a good bard and played my favourite tune.
— An old patron's comment
  On the corner of Market Street and Southbank Road of Appley is the fairly decent established of the Hungry Angel. In most nights, the Hungry Angel is a quiet place where tired travellers can eat a warm stew and a frothy ale. It is the kind of place that folks recommend if you're just looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful, at least that was before it became a haven for unpleasant guests.  

Rough Regulars

Keep your pockets tight while you're here. There are many hungry hands for your Silver.
— The Tavernkeeper's Warning
The Hungry Angel used to be a jovial place to visit and stay, though, for some reason the inn's reputation has slipped. The townsfolk of Appley would warn others that the Hungry Angel is a den of thugs, hooligans and reprobates.
Many wonder why Erwin, the tavernkeeper, can keep up with hosting his current clientele. There have been incidents where Erwin has voiced his opinions and tried to kick them out, but eventually gave up as more would arrive. However, they do pay, even if it is in irregularly payments of bulked tabs.  

A Lost Bard

In the corner of the Hungry Angel, there is an empty stool. Usually, this stool is occupied by the tavern's bard, Miraric of Appley. However, for some days now, the pub has been rather silent as Miraric is currently in the Appley jail after being arrested for smuggling illegal wares in and out of Appley.
I heard he got arrested. Hanging around with those dodgey "you-know-who" folks, apparently.
— A reply to the Patron's comment.
Tavern Sign Description
An image of a smiling, open winged angel, holding a bowl of stew in one hand and a spoon in the other.


Erwin of the Hungry Angel:
Brostian; Humankind;
Owner & Tavernkeeper
Brostian; Humankind;
Erwin's wife
Feneyan; Elfkind;

Tavern Info

Total Rooms
1 Dormetary of 6 beds, 6 Standard Rooms


2 per night
Standard Room
5 SC per night
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

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Mar 23, 2022 21:05 by Michael Chandra

This reminds me of a story with a barkeep who threw out a polite bad-affiliated guest. No mercy. He explained to another guest why: If you let the polite bad-affiliated guest stay, at some point he brings a friend, and you tolerate it. Then they bring more. Slowly they get more rowdy. And suddenly you realize you're now a place essentially controlled by these bad apples, and both your reputation and safety are gone.   It's a shame that Erwin didn't learn that lesson fast enough. Hope for him that his business recovers soon. =/ The place looks nice, and it sounds like it was a good place in the past.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
Mar 24, 2022 12:47 by Bart Weergang

Hammer and Smash, with Silverbell Cider please!
Nice article Heffe, I like the description of the sign.

Mar 24, 2022 19:11 by Eliora Yona

This article reminds me of a story scene that wasn't so comical, and so envisioning this scene from your article made me giggle. ^.^

Mar 25, 2022 17:11 by Bob O'Brien

Love the menu! Hammers & Smash, eh? I wonder where that name came from? :)

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