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Atharia 2021
Atharia is the homeland to many creatures and plants, but most importantly it is the home of Atharians.  


Atharia was once ruled by the Lorlundian Empire, however many wars later and the world is divided into 6 realms. The mainland, Lundia houses 5 of the 6 realms; Feneya, the Dovaria, Raelund, Falduhr, and the Lorlundian Empire. Brostia holds the entirty of the Brostian Island in the northeast of Atharia.   Strange events are happening in the world of Atharia, such as the Solnerii Sand Worm who lurks in the Sandy Sea. Adventurers are banding together to help Atharians with their troubles. One in particular being The Hefflings.




Geographically, the plane is one mainland continent which spans for over 1000 miles with many clusters of islands and the Endless Sea as the border of many maps of the plane. Upon the North over the Frostlands of Old Bukain, where the lands are cold and covered in snow. In the west of Atharia is the Greenlands is a vast area of plains, which is famed for its fertility.   Visitors unfamiliar with this plane must keep to the cities, as the wilderness is not as tamed as the civilised people of Atharia.
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Atharians function under a Serfdom societal system, with the Nobilty at the top and the Serfs at the bottom. Serfs are people of the land, which is owned by the local nobles of Atharian Society.
Atharian Society
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Atharian Nobility
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People of Atharia

People of Atharia
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Realms of Atharia


The Queendom of Brostia has been ruled by Queen Saphielle of Brostia for 2 years after her father died of illness. It is the realm which holds its own island in the north.


Kingdom of Dovaria


The Kingdom of Falduhr have a strong heritage to the Dwarvenkind. A heritage which can be seen today, as most Faldese show clear signs of Dwarven traits.  



The people of Feneya are known are their affiliation to nature. With their ancestry being closely and mostly tied to the Elvenkind lineage, they claim to have a better connection to the land they live on. This is especially considered based on their seemingly natural ability towards the agricultural way of life. Feneyan



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