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Solnerii Sand Worm

What at first was only myth soon became reality to the Solnerii.   For a few years the Solnerii of Sunopolis have been cautious to travel across the Sandy Sea, as a terrible monster lurks within the sands. Nobody knows where this creature has come from, but travellers must also be gamblers if they wish to take their chances and cross the Sandy Sea safely. Their only means of travel is up the along the NAME_OF_STREAM towards the NAME_OF_MOUNTAINS_FALDUHN.  

Sand Worm

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This 40 ft (~12 m) long beast with slimey scales, which sand sticks to, can burrow into the sand and move with great pace. The Sand Worm has hundreds of razor sharp teeth in it round maul, which can easily chew through armour as it devours its prey; whether it be animal or person. This 520 lb (~236 kg) monster can, and has, smash through homes and devastate villages. A fate which Smallhorn fell under. Many Solnerii feed that it might even smash through the walls of Sunopolis, despite the governor's disbelief it could.


For centuries, the Solnerii have told stories of a great creatue which would swim in the sands of the desert. This tale discouraged many to travel across the Sandy Sea either alone or even at all. It was a story parents would tell their children so they wouldn't go an wonder off and get lost in the desert. It is a harsh environment to travel through, as there is no shade or cover from the sun and it is easy to get lost, as one's trail can be erased by the wind. However, this myth has not been proven, only feared; until a few years ago when the so-called fearmongers would apprehesively say, "I told you so."  


Not that long ago, the village of Smallhorn was destroyed by the Giant Sand Worm. Every survivor, of few there are, tell the same story of the ground shaking, before the creature suddenly blasted through the small chapel of the Order. Something which is seen as an omen as the worm rampages the village.   Nobody knows how or why, but there is in fact a giant worm lurking within the Sandy Sea. Nobody knows where it came from either, but it currently exists and is terrorizing the Solnerii and anyone who travels through the desert. Currently, nobody is able to defeat it either.
It was terrifying. Smallhorn was such a peaceful village. We even had no guards as there were no crimes.   Suddenly the ground hummed, but then it began to shake more and more. The vase my late mother gifted to me fell and smashed. Then suddenly a loud crash outside, and that screech. It haunts me to this day. All I could do is hide and cower. How it didn't get me? Perhaps Our Mother was protecting me, but why?
— A survivor of the Desolation of Smallhorn
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The Solnerii

The Solnerii are the people who live around the oasis of the Sandy Sea, in the desert city of Sunopolis.   Read more about them here.


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