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Taria's Order

The mother of all graces us with her light.
  The Order was founded centuries ago. In fact the Order states it was founded at the Dawn of Time; when the first Children of Taria were born. This organization is one of the largest religous groups within the Planeverse. They are based in Atharia, but they have influences and followers in other planes. The group follows a polytheistic pantheon commonly known as the God of the Planeverse, but mostly praise to the one great worldsmith, Taria; Goddess of Creation.   The Order is lead by a council, which that is lead by a single preistess known as the Head Matron. As well as the Head Matron the council consists of 4 other high preists and preistesses, also known as patrons and matrons respecitvely. The current Head Matron High Preistess, Beldina Darkflower, who was chosen by her predecessor, Cedna Farbright before she passed away.  

The Council

The council consists of 2 Patrons and 3 Matrons, with one of the Matrons being the Head Matron. Almost every decision must be agreed upon by everyone the council.  

Council Member Roles

Head Matron
The chairess of the council, she is the symbol of light, creation and motherhood.
Matron of Secrets
It is this Matron's duty to ensure the security of the order from espionage, whilst utilising Magical Encryption to ensure any senisitive information of the Order is safe.
Matron of Magic
The one responsible for research and security in regards of Magic.
Patron of Arms
The Patron who is responsible of the Valons of Taria, who vow to protect the order and Taria's Children.
Patron of Knowledge
This is the Patron who is responsible of recording the Order's records and logs for historical preservation.
Members, Roles & Responsibilites  


Atharia is the home and is regarded as the first plane Taria created. Since its founding the Order has always been an influencial figure for the people of Atharia. Many people are devote followers of Taria, with a high quantity of them working for and with the Order.  
The Order must being peace to her children, even if it means applying discipline.
— A Paladin Commander's speach before a battle
  In the conflict between the Ornikai after the Vanishing of the Pan'lornian Planes, the Order had a large enough impact, that many historians state it was the Order who won the war. Since then the Order truly established themselves as the keepers of peace.   With this, and in the name of peace and light, the Order can impose themselves with any plane who consider themselves a plane of the Order. However, the official stance of the Order is to nurture their Children. Therefore the Order does not and will not directly rule a Plane; for a child must learn to be independant.  

Golden Rules

They're not laws, they're rules. Laws are what the lords and ladies of the realm impose. We, the Order, merely guide our children
— A Priest of the Order
Being the peacekeepers of the planeverse, the Order does not enforce any laws. Instead the Order abide by the Golden Rules of Taria. These are sacred rules which guide the Order to bring light to their children. Valons and those who wish to join the order take an oath to follow these rules, no matter what. Breaking this oath will deem them as an Oathbreaker.
If you ask me, their rules is an excuse to keep their facade. Trust me, I've been there; I've worn that mask myself.
"Perhaps you ought to 'donate' to the light?" I asked many times; and when they ask why; "it is a tithe in which keeps the light bright; you're not a Dark Dweller, are you?"
They're no different to those within the Circuit, accept they'll rob you in the daylight.
— Words of an Oathbreaker
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
The Order, The Order of Light
Permeated Organizations

Children of Taria

In the eyes of the Order, the Children of Taria are the people of the planeverse. Everyone is a decendant of Taria Goddess of Creation and mother to all. Followers, worshippers and those under oath of the Order consider each other as brothers and sisters of the Order.


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