This is an extract from Professor Timbletok's Essentropy: Life, Death and You

What is Magic?

Outsiders, or anybody new to magic, would think it is some made-up nonsense and trickery to fool you. A snap of a finger and a puff of glittery purple smoke appears. Indeed, one could do such childish tricks, but Magic in this vast multi-world is much more than a toy to dazzle you. Very few people understand the core concept of magic as they say 'seeing is believing'. In magic, believing is seeing. It is the power in which one's mind and imagination can become reality. It is an ability we all have, it just takes practice and lots of it.

How does it work?

I, Professor Fredrick Timbletok, have conducted many studies and I have found there are 2 forces at work; Essence and Entropy.


The power of light and the goodness of the world. Essence is also known as the power of the soul, as Essence is life.


This is the power of all things bad. Entropy is darkness, death and destruction. Evil is the way of Entropy.

Casting Spells

Spells are created by tapping into the Essence within and around us. Like guiding threads to weave the loose strands together into cloth. One must be careful, as utilizing Essence comes at a price. By expending the energy into your spells you'll be creating Entropy. The trick is not to take Essence, but to use it. To bend it without breaking it. To pull the threads without snapping them.

Who can cast spells?

Within each of us is the ability to do wonderous things. Training to become a wizard or a mage, is like training to become a soldier or a gladiator in the arena. It takes hard work to develop the muscles to gain the strength and speed our bravest of warriors possess. One must exercise their magic muscles to become stronger, faster, smarter. Remember: Believing is seeing.

For more lessons on how to cast spells, apply for a scholarship at the College of Wonders in Aborany.

Magic License!

The Alliance of the Planes announced the release of a new law to limit the use of Magic. The Magic License Act decrees all citizens of the Alliance must have a certified license to cast spells and utilize magical items. Citizens who wish to obtain a license can do so by completing and passing the Magical User test. The citizen will then be given a license certified by the Arcane Order of the Alliance. Unlicenced casting or utilizing magic will be a punishable offence of years of imprisonment.   "We [the Alliance] believe in freedom," Howard of Martage a member of the Alliance Council states, "but we also value the safety of the Citizens of the Alliance. It is our duty and honour to do what we can to protect our neighbours, our friends and our families; so they can live their lives without fear."   However, some oppose this decision as Professor Timbletok told us in an interview, "the more they change the law in the name of protection and safety, the more they undermine the essence of freedom and liberty. The best way to combat the misuse of magic is through education."
— An article in a newspaper by the Towncryer


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