High Preistess, Beldina Darkflower

Beldina Darkflower is a high preistess of Taria's Order. She is the Matron of Taria; Goddess of Creation, in other words, she is regarded as the head mistress of the order. She was appointed this postion in the year 897, when her predecessor adjucated as Matron and announced Beldina as her successor. Even though the other Matrons and Patrons officially agreed, by voting for Beldina during the selection process, many did oppose and still challenge Beldina's position.   Many of Beldina's opposition claim her to be a Sympathiser of the Oathbreakers. However these claims are not wrong, as she openly does admit this.  
"A mother should always been forgiving to her children. Taria would do the same."
— Beldina Darkflower's statement towards Oathbreakers
  Almost immidiately after her appointment, she tried to reform the Order by introducing the Redemption Conduct; which is to give certain Oathbreakers a second chance. However this has split the Council of the Order in two; those who are for the Redemption and those who are against it.   For two years since her appointment, Beldina continued her work to ensure the safety of the Oathbreakers are well kept. There are lesser preists and followers of the Order who do support Beldina, and have therefore been preaching for the Redemption of the Oathbreakers. However many people are also fearful; saying the ones who are meant to keep the peace within the realm are inciting civil war, especially as tensions within the Order rises.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Beldina Darkflower was born into a devot family of the Order. Her mother and father were both Acolytes of the Order. At a young age, Beldina was being taught of the Order and their values. However, Beldina has also been known to be inquisitive; a trait which the Order is not fond of.   As Beldina grew up, she befriended a Squire; Davos of Highbay. Davos' Paladin master was an influencial knight, Tarson. The relationship between these three was strong. Tarson was like a father to Davos and an uncle to Beldina. In fact it was Tarson who introduced Beldina to the High Preistess of the time, Cedna Farbright; who later appointed Beldina as her Maron's Maiden.   However, the dream soon turned, as Tarson was found dead at the same time Davos could not be found, and is still missing. Davos was declared as an Oathbreaker, as he is suspected as the murderer of Tarson; therefore traiter to the Order. There are claims within the Council chambers of Talia's Palace of Beldina having something to do with the murder. However Cedna stated Beldina was with her during the aledged time of the murder.   Since the traumatic night, Beldina has been vocal about protecting Oathbreakers with a reform to change how they are treated by the Order.


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