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Worldbuilding is a wonderful and inspiring art form, but it can also be complicated and easy to get lost in. Project Forge is an ongoing project to "gamify" the worldbuilding process to make it less complicated and more fun to do.

The Mission

The goal for Project Forge is to help new and experienced worldbuilders create amazing and wonderful worlds. I (Heffé) started to do this by creating a worldbuilding game/tool or system called Realms. I aim to continue to expand on this product, as well as develop others, to make worldbuilding more fun and engaging.   Worldbuilding can be tough. It can be easy to get lost in the nitty, gritty details while also keeping in mind every other cog of a worldbuilding project. This is why I want to make tools and systems to ease the process, as well as make it fun and enjoyable by "gameifying" it.   I love worldbuilding. It is the most inspiring art form ever. WorldAnvil has made this even more so with its amazing ability to help us worldbuilders keep track of our stuff. This is why I also aim to make sure the tools and systems I make can be used, not only on pen and paper but also on WorldAnvil.


Project Forge is part of HeffStudio. HeffStudio encompasses everything I am working on. Support Project Forge by becoming a Patron on the HeffStudio Patreon.

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Tools of the Forge




Realms is a Worldbuilding Strategy Game that helps to create a living world.   With Realms, you are to create a faction, nation or another kind of geopolitical organisation. You begin by making a small area of your world with one settlement, the Capital of your realm. Then you are to loop through a process to expand your domain by gathering resources and building more settlements to make sure the realm's population survives.   Try Realms for free with Realms Light. Get the PDF Ebook on or read the rules on World Anvil.

Realms WA

Realms Ebook

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Become part of Project Forge and join the Community. Follow Project Forge for notifications on WorldAnvil for all of the latest news & updates to the "world". You can also chat and share what you have made with Project Forge in the Discussion Boards.   The HeffStudio Discord is another place you can also hang out with me, and the Hefflings. The Discord is my community discord that I use for everything; streams, worldbuilding and Project Forge.




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