Sympathisers of the Oathbreakers

Many Oathbreakers do become criminals as they join groups of the Circuit. This could be because it would be the only way to gain enough income of coin to be able to survive. Society can, and often do, turn their backs on these people; making it difficult for the Oathbreakers to be welcomed by others around them.   Sympathisers of the Oathbreakers are people who still accept these outcasts. Many of them believe there are Oathbreaker who deserve a second chance. So these sypmathisers treat Oathbreakers as though they are another member of the accepted society. However, these sympathisers often get ridiculed for this. Quite often those who support these broken knights are treated as though they're Oathbreakers themselves, even though they broke no vow, oath or law.  

Oathbreaker Vigilantes

Despite the fact, or perhaps allagedly so, Oathbreakers forsaken Taria's Order; there are those who still have good intentions. These Oathbreakers often become outlawed bounty hunters who seek fortune by still being the protector of their brothers and sisters, even though they're detached from the order. Therefore they begin freelancing as bounty hunter vigilantes.   Those who hire these people are regularly pointed out to be sypmathisers, therefore many people in need are dubious to accept bounty claims from known Oathbreakers. However, more often than not the claims are discretely accepted, even at a lesser price than what is originally offered.  

Noble Sympathisers

Some of the nobility status do associtate themselves with Oathbreakers. However, this can effect their standings and opinions from other lords. Oathbreakers are still abled and well trained soldiers. Having these warriors within a noble retinue can be a valid and strong strategy, especially if raising levies is difficult. Particularly, there are Oathbreakers who form mercenary groups, who take advantage of their situation by offering their skills in combat for a competitive price compared to their Paladin counterpart.


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8 Jul, 2020 20:22

Oh I really like that the Oathbreakers have a place in society, even though they are banished.

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