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Taria; Goddess of Creation

Many Atharian follow the beliefs of Taria's Order; Taria is the one goddess which the worshipers praise.


It is said in the ancient texts, Taria was indeed born to a mother and father on the godly, irovy plane, Lanara. She was born as a twin to Sapa who, according to myth, did not get along with very well. It was as though since birth, the two siblings had a rivalry between them. Often Sapa would tease and torment her sister, who would then retaliate; which in turn would get her in trouble with her parents.
  However, Taria'a mother and father wanted to teach Taria a lesson of responsibility, particularly of one's actions. So they gifted her the Earthwarden; a hammer of great power which can be used to create worlds.
  Taria used her hammer to create wonderous realms of beauty, peace and harmony for the creatures who dwelled in them. She even gotten a feather from a Phoenix to light up the forge, of which she used to smith the planes in which decorate the Cosmic Sea. One such plane is Atharia.
Divine Classification
Goddess of Creation


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