Valons of Taria

The Valons of Taria is the military might of Taria's Order whose sole purpose is to purge the planeverse of all darkness and entropy. Valons are sworn to protect each plane from the horrors and despair which Entropotic Forces inflict upon Taria's Children.   The key element of these Valons is rare these units form great ranks off over 100 soldiers in a single formation. They are instead broken down into smaller elite squads known as Packs. A Pack maybe contain more, but they usually consist of 8 highly trained individuals. Each Valon is disciplined and specialises in a single role, or rank, within a pack.  


A pack is a small elite squad of Valons. When a Valon is assigned a pack and rank, they cannot and must not reassign themselves to another pack. This is to ensure the pack can get to know each other, to be more effective in their missions. The composition of a pack can vary too, meaning there can be multiple valons of the same rank within a pack.  


There are many ranks within a pack, each with their own special role. A valon may be assigned to different roles, depending on what the mission ahead requires. However, a valon often specialises in one.  


A Paladin is the shield and armour of a pack. They are always the one who is in front, however rarely goes in first. Many Paladins choose to wear heavy plate armour to protect themselves in combat, however they can also choose to wear anything they prefer or require depending on the situation they are like to face. The key resposibility of this role is Paladins are the protectors of the group.  


These are the scouts of the group as they are trained to move fast and quietly, as well as to be able to see with more than their eyes. Perception and dexterity are the key attribute to these Valons. They may prefer fighting at a distance with the bow, but never underestimate their melee capabilities either. Rangers often fight side by side with Paladins when in close quarters, forming a solid and deadly combination.  


Blessed by the divine goddess, Taria, Clerics use this gift to heal those who have been injured during combat. They are also the ones who purify the battlefield after the combat has been complete. How they do this is top secret and only known by themselves; but rumours say they use Entropotic Magic to nullify their presence.


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17 Jul, 2020 11:28

The idea of them not being able to switch Packs is really good. That really engenders the idea of loyalty to each other. :)

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