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Sapa; Goddess of the Dark

(a.k.a. The Child of the Night)

The twin sister of Taria; Goddess of Creation. Sapa is believed by many in Atharia to be the goddess of death and darkness. Her domain is the Night World where she attempts to steal the Essence from Taria; Goddess of Creation by luring the souls through temptation and twisted devotion.   Sapa is said to be a deceptive goddess, who manipulates what is true with lies and deceit. She even used her lies and deception to steal the Earthwarden from Taria and used it to build the Night World, which Sapa was soon banished to.  

Her Mythology

Sapa's story begins at her birth. Some claim she is the eldest, which others believe she is the youngest; whereas there are a few with the idea of Taria and Sapa being the exactly same age as they were both born at the same time. Though many also laugh as this could be the deceptive nature of Sapa at work; for only the gods would know the truth.  

Troubling Trickery & Torment

There are tales of Sapa in her youth of how she would tease her sister Taria and she would always be able to annoy Taria so much she would retaliate. Through this retaliation, Taria would be the one who would get in trouble by her parents.  

The Envy of Night

Sapa soon fell for her own trickery, as her mother and father granted Taria the Earthwarden to teach her the lesson of being responsible of one's actions.   The Child of the Night grew envious and spiteful of her sister being given the Earthwarden. For eons Sapa's bitterness grew until she could not hold her distemper and felt the hunger to strike. Sapa stole the Earthwarden from Taria, who then used it to disturb, derange and even destroy many worlds of which Taria had learned to nurture.  

The Dawn of the Dark

Enraged, Taria used the power of her light to get back what was her's. Thus began what Atharians call, the Battle of the Light & Dark. During which the Earthwarden breaks and scatters across the Cosmic Sea, resulting their father to intervine and punish the two for their violent behaviour. Sapa was banished into the Night World, which she had created herself by almost destroying one of Taria's planes. There she had to learn to survive, and thrive in her realm of the dark.
"Entropy is the energy of true order."
— As told in the @

Character Portrait image: Artist's Impression of the Goddess of the Dark by Heffé


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