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Cosmic Sea

There is wonder and beauty to be found in the Cosmic Sea, but be warned as there are dangers and horrors which will find you, eventually
— An extract from Planar Traveler's Guide writen by the infamous explorer Girdeck Joldon
  This is a plane between planes. The Cosmic Sea is where all of the Planes of the world connect. First time visitors of this plane should be warned that anything in this plane can happen; from flying bird-fish to nebulus creatures of doom. This plane, like many planes, has its own laws of nature. The bizarre things that can be seen and done in this plane, may catch first time visitors by suprise. However, with this plane being so random, this also make this plane the most dangerous place to travel through.  

Unreal reality

In the 'ordinary' planes, such as Atharia, have stable laws of nature. What goes up, must come down. There is air, water and land. However, the nature of the Cosmic Sea is lawless. There are fish which fly, birds which swim and creatures which can walk in what looks like in mid air, or are they walking on water?  
What you see in the depths of the sea can be frighteningly weird. Don't believe me? Lookout for the Cosmic Cats, though you should anyway in case they make you their prey
— Yet another extract from the Planar Traveler's Guide
  The Cosmic Sea is like being underwater, yet it is dry. The 'water', or the liquid like substance, is extremely thin. There is little resistance towards any moving objects. In fact, Planeships; can easily travel through a network of a current, stream-like pathway known at the Great Link.   Also within this sea of crazy, are waving vines of seaweed which planeship captains are wise to avoid. There are floating corals where many amalgamation of birds and fish swim, fly or walk. Just be wary to not venture into the dark depths and pockets of the Cosmic Sea. Entropy thrives best in this place.  


Dotted across the sea are tiny speckles of lights which decorate the night sky. These stars are the planes which can hold a whole world of people and plants. Some are endless forests, some are an endless mountain range. whilst others are what are known as Sky Planes, which hold flying islands and cities.   Read more, here.


These are vessels which are used to sail across the Cosmic Sea. They transport people and cargo from one Plane to another. There are many designs and functions of a Planeship; some are for trade and economic purposes, others for war and military purposes, which also protect planeships from the dangers within the sea.   Read more, here.
Discovered by Girdeck Joldon, the Great Link is a current-like stream which makes sailing through the Cosmic Sea easier, by providing a magical wind which pushes Planeships along a path. This Great Link is a network of these streams which connect many planes together, including Atharia.  

Living in the Cosmic Sea

There are many sea-dwellers who live in the Cosmic Sea. There are even some structures built where people reside in and work. Many of these structures are Planedocks, which allow planeships to dock temporarily to trade, restock and rest during their voyage. However, these sea-dwellers might take newcomers by surprise as many claim the Cosmic Sea can alter one's mind.

Leaving your Plane?

Before you do, get yourself a copy of the Planar Traveler's Guide writen by the infamous explorer Girdeck Joldon!   That's right! A book written by the one who found what is known as the Great Link.
— A poster seen on the walls of many Planedocks


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