A Planeship is a vehicle which allows people to travel between planes via the Cosmic Sea. They do so by Plane Shifting. There are many types of Planeships which sail across the Cosmic Sea. A lot of the designs of these planeships are often inspired by aquatic creatures, like fish, eels and shellfish. However, there are many other styles too.   These vessels are the backbone of many extra-planar societies which rely on the economic and military functions of these planeships. These great vessels are admired by many as they can bring food, potions and other necessary comodities. Depending on the location, seeing these vehicles can be rare; which astonishes many. There are those who also purposely do their best to spot as many planeships as they can; recording the planeships name and model, in order to catch them all. Many young people also desire to one day become part of the navy or a merchant group to work and sail on these vessels.   However, there is often the flipside of the joy which these planeships provide. Governments of the planeverse are wise to build planeships with immense combat abilities. The Cosmic Sea is dangerous, not only from the beasts which lurk but from enemies and outlaws of these great planar factions. Planeships of war is a fact of life in this world, as Kingdoms, nations and other faction groups must protect themselves. Many even use these destructive machines to conquer other planes, delivering terror and devastation.  

Mechanics of Planeships

Even though there are many different designs of a planeship, they each follow the same principles.

Traversing the Cosmic Sea

The Cosmic Sea is blanketed by a substance which is like water, but is feels like air. One could swim in the Cosmic Sea, though not recommended as the sea is also poisonous to touch. Planeships move through the sea either by rowing, sailing or by using some mechanical or magical means of movement. The easiest and most efficient is to sail through the Great Link, a network of currents which move any object in a certain direction; like a tunnel of magical air which blows in one direction constantly.
Scaled Silk Sails
Specially weaved for planeships, these sails are able to capture the mystical winds of the Cosmic Sea. The scaled pattern is inspired by the birdfish which populate the Cosmic Sea, as their wings and fings are what they use to 'flim'. Using this approach, planeships are able to also 'flim' more efficiently than hiring hundreds of sailors to row.

Plane Shifting

This is the process in which a person or object travels from one plane to another. The biggest challenge is to somehow pass through the plane's barrier. Each plane in the planeverse are within a magical bubble, this is to protect the plane from many dangers of the Cosmic Sea. Many people of these planes have found ways to tap into this magical barrier to create ways of passing things through. Barrier Probes are constructed on both planeship and within the planes, which makes communication and extra security of these planes possible.   A good analogy of this is the walls and gates of a city. By using these probes, the ship and the guards within the plane can communicate to grant access to the ship. The people operating the probe within the plane can then create an opening for the ship. However, this is great difficulty in doing this, as neither side can see each other. Hence the process of granting access is often done outside of the plane, between the planeship who wishes to enter with another planeship (often military, and sometimes more than one for backup, depending on the situation). The ones trying to enter are then escorted inside.

Atharian Planeships

The Cachalot

This is a model of planeship, designed by Dolca Shipbuilders, is the go-to ship for merchants of the Cosmic Sea. It has great capacity for cargo, whilst also being

The Orca

A frigate type ship, built by the Dolca Shipbuilders for one purpose; warfare. This planeship is fast, nimble and hits hard.


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