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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a vehicle in your world that brings joy wherever it arrives.
A total of 359 entries

The Traveling Tiefling Trio's Wagon of Wonders

Ferry of the Utter Night Feast

Clarabell's Ship of Wondrous Tales

Palantos fahrender Waffelstand

[person name] [adjective with alliteration] [vehicle name with alliteration] (for now, initials V.V.V.)

Kermit the Hermit and his Cart

the caravans of the circus

Onyx Griffon Racing Chariots

Master Chef Gurdun Ramses Hell's Kitchen Nightmare Food Wagon

Evernight Festival Caravan

Mr. Whitfoot's Whimsical Wandering Wagon

Unfettered Merchant Vessel

Malvolio's Marvellous Mysteries

Gaudium et Mirantibus Grand Store

Sweet-Tooth's Magnificent Caravan of Wonders

Nergoth Chamthaer mozgó bábszínháza

Capacis Stilionis - The Living Carriage

Well's Wagon of Wordly Wonders

The Supplier and his Wagon of Wonders

Baron Furkza's Caravan of Curiosities

Theobald's Travelling Puppet Theatre

Precision Orbital Delivery Pod

The Duchess: Ship of Fools

Die fahrende Bibliothek von Tellura

The Mystifying Vendor of The Doll Builder

Kokreba Mum, Puppeteer Cart

Old Man Jorgen's Wagon of Curiosities

Deep Space Transport Vehicle

The Traveling Marionettes

Bjarni and Big Friend Boat with Glam

Mr Maguel's Magical Wagon of Fun and Whimsy

Cavaliers of Light Tourney Train

The 99th Doggone Division's Puppy Blimp

The Glittering Garvey's wagon! (SC'20)

Bounty from Beyond the Gate

The Jolly Dirigible of Gan Sartem

Bücherwagen der Bellamys

Torgerojas Steamworks M5 class 0-105.3 (Silver Dragon)

Traveling Carnival Caravan of Magical and Mysterious Oddities

Laffenova (goblin junker colony ship)

Happy Jack's Caravan of Carnival Oddities

The Brownie Bus of Brownies

Welton's Wagons of Worldly Wonder and Whimsy

Erzin's Caravan of Exceptional Performers and Storytellers,Artisan's of Exquisite Sculptures of Rare Stone and Wood,Paintings of Quality on Canvas by Esteemed Artists and Unique Clockwork Toys not found anywhere else in Kelldoria

Rico Bizzaro's Flying Circus!

Sharpbrain's Cart of Very Many Deals

Wagons of Travelling Performance Troupes

Excerpt from the Visentia Daily: Bitocci's Floating Caravan

Delivery Dragons [WASC2020]

Mysterious Fabas Travelling Carnival

Wolfhards Fabulous Wagon

The Caravan of Adventuring Merchants

The Kalliope of Fegus Jingleboots

Bocben Brother’s Riverboat

Prompt 12: Helena's Sweet Fang Wagon

Hathem's green waggon {English}

Hogan (Food Carts of Dackkort)

The Courageous Travelling Caravan Troupe of Concerto Troublemakers

Mr.Freeze's Ice Cream Extravaganza and Emporioum.

The Curious Circus of the Golden Harp

The Wandering Phoenix: Purveyor of Trinkets and Sundry