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Cavaliers of Light Tourney Train

I understand that the Tourney Train brought many of you here as recruits sponsored by the Order of Light! The High Table always brings in the most recruits every year.
— Instructor of Recruits
I loved when the Light Knight Circus came through my village! Orcs love nothing better than watching humies beat on each other!
— Sgt. Kill Flayer

The Tourney Train flashes through the countryside, a glowing beacon that means that the Tournament has arrived in town. The Cavaliers of Light are the propaganda arm of The Order of Light, a subsidiary of the monolithic House Molndal.

They hold a weeklong festival and tournament in a new location every other week in the lands of the Sovranty of Lozar and in the allied lands of the Concordance for Survival. They travel to great cities and large villages along the new rail system that has started to grow in civilized lands.

They spread the news of the great deeds of the Order and their achievements at The Kirinal Pit. Their goal is to generate support for the Order throughout the Sovran and Concordant lands. They need recruits to man the Bulwark of Light. And, of course, they make a lot of money on tickets, outrageously marked-up food, and overpriced gewgaws.

With a clarion call, the spotless, gleaming train of gold and white smoothly slides into the station. The magically amplified voice of the Tourneymaster rings out over the excited masses.

The doors on the sides of the train open with a blare of otherworldly horns. The Cavaliers of Light, in full crisp regalia, ride out on their enormous warhorses.

The arrival of the Cavaliers in their Tourney Train means a week of spectacles. The common people get a chance to see the famous Light Knights and experience real magic.

Greetings good people! The most exciting week of your life has arrived! We travel the continent so that the honorable custom of knightly sport shall not be lost!

The Bourgeois Turnier!

We begin with the Bourgeois Turnier! We believe in giving the public a chance to participate in our great events! If you prove yourself on the tourney grounds, you may even be offered a chance at Concordant citizenship, sponsored by the Order of Light!

House Molndal learned long ago that the loyalty of the people could be earned by bringing a select few into the fold, elevating them above others. The promise of citizenship in the Grand Duchy of Molndal and the Zone is more enticing than gold and brings in far more recruits.

They hold archery contests and great melees open to the public. The tournaments for commoners allow the judges to size up the local talent and choose from the cream of the crop for their Light Troopers.

Of course, they charge admission for the games and an entrance fee for the participants. The cash prizes amount to a mere fraction of their profits.

Wonders of the Concordant Zone!

Everyday life in the Kirinal Concordance Zone seems mysterious and fabulous to the ordinary fold outside the Zone. Its magic and technology are the wonders of a New Age for the rest of the world.

Behold the Soulforged! Mechanical men awakened from the souls of the dead.

Witness an Ident-a-hedron! Forged from the shard of a soul!

Regard the Pit-Blood! Hybrid folk descended from alien realms!

Throughout the week, you will have a chance to experience the Concordant Zone for yourselves! We have brought the unearthly sights, the amazing technology, and the mysterious magic of the Zone to you!

The Golden Balladeers!

The Golden Balladeers, the greatest singers in the world travel with us! They are here to perform for your amusement and your amazement!

One of the most popular attractions of the Festival, world-famous members of the Balladeers rotate on tour with the Cavaliers. Where else will you get the chance to hear Acamisia the Pure or see the raucous Doreata the Chuckler?

The local nobles outbid each other for private performances with renowned bards. House Molndal knows that secrets and intelligence fall more easily from the lips of the smitten.

The Edles Turnier!

The grand finale takes place at the end of the week, the Great Tournament. The local nobles and winners from the Commoner's Tournament can pit themselves against the Cavaliers of Light. The prizes are hefty and gambling is rife.

This is where House Molndal gets some of their most valuable information, the skill and technique of everyone's best fighters. They keep notes on all the combatants, developing strategies and recording tendencies among their potential rivals.

And finally, you will witness the Edles Turnier! The great heroes of the Cavaliers of Light in a tourney with your local noblemen! We shall see who prevails!

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