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Beast Emporium

Loke's signature sneer was profounder than usual, "Kill carts are on the march," his eyes darkened as he spat in the dirt.    "We should've brought some stock," I added, "we could get fair wages."   Loke fran Tundren dragged me up by the collar, "Nothing 'fair' in those pits," he snarled. 
    The Beast Emporium travels across Poraile throughout the year. It gets it northern Beast supplies from Noravägen in the winter, then moves on until it comes to the southern regions in the spring and summer. The Emporium snakes its way through Gildegan and Oksal in the autumn, coming once again to the Northern Beastwilds  Most amusements are public events and commoners are encouraged to come see beasts in action outside the Beastwilds. Only hunters or professional breeders are allowed to view their "killing contests", which are their most controversial and profitable attraction.     

Emporium Tour Schedule

  The schedule changes depending on the time of year. It matches the times when a Beast is dormant or active and the location they end up in. As they say, crowds have their favourites and to ignore that squanders potential business.  

Spring / Summer Shows

  The Spring / Summer circuit is the most anticipated in the year. It targets the tourists, who are more than eager to gaze at beasts as they pace around their cages, unaware they'll be sent to their deaths after sundown.    This season is devoted, even slavish, to the summer atmosphere of celebration. Vendors sell food and beverages, songs are belted out at full volume and contests held. If another child gets to win a stuffed toy in the shape of a Beast, people will turn a blind eye to most else.    The evening tickets are given to potential buyers of captive beasts or those with connections. Then the Summer Killing Contests began. A rife place for gambling and auctions, these are the entertainments nobles seeks behind closed doors.   

Autumn / Winter Shows

  More specialised for their hunter providers and the breeder market, these shows serve to exhibit a Beast's power and uses. Killing Contests are less popular here, though some may dare. The people who come to the Winter shows look to buy animals to help in their livelihoods.    Most are hunters of residents of the Beastwilds, who are already familiar with beasts and all the hazards that come with them. They seek to fight fire with fire, or simply to make rebuilding their communities a little easier on time and pockets. Though killing beasts is more widespread here, so is the demand to better understand them.


Each cart or caravan chooses its own hauling animals, or lack thereof. Unethical show runners thrive off the fear beasts generate and haul their carts using Kaipal, which cause frequent fatalities.   Most use regular horses, dressed up as various unknowable monsters from the Beastwilds. Show runners are reluctant to use magic to propel their caravans, mainly because most of these events aren't run by wizard or wiccan.

Armor and defense

Guards accompany the wagons as they travel, usually to protect their livestock. They mount the sides, visibly armed. Since their cargo is so dangerous, the armoured caravans aren't damaged much by attacks that come their way. They are mostly designed to keep beasts within their enclosures, so the dwellings of their masters aren't as highly fortified.
Kill Carts, Beast Shows
Move forward, survive, conquer
Usually consists of 10 - 20 carts
7 mph - 10mph
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
150 Beasts, 50 Handlers, 30 Show Runners, 10 Guardsmen

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