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Howdy,   I'm using my world, Poraile, for a game I plan on making in the future. (probably not a DnD campaign, because my Game Master skills are terrible.) Therefore, most of what I write is solely for my own convenience, but I welcome y'all to come along.   I'm not from the US, I've just been watching too many westerns recently. Yee haw, and all that.

Interests & Hobbies

History (mostly Euro-medieval, but I like to learn), knitting, sewing, taking care of my cactus, watching blursed / cursed movies and TV shows, world-building, drawing

Favorite Movies

How to Train Your Dragon (no spoilers for 3, I beg), The Star Wars movies, probably more

Favorite TV Series

obsessed with BBC Robin Hood, Doctor Who, the How to Train Your Dragon TV show, Star Trek (TNG, Voyager), Prince Valiant, the animes (I don't know many of them), ATLA and LOK

Favorite Books

Herb the Vegetarian Dragon, How to Train Your Dragon, My Hero Academia Vigilantes also good, history books are cool, Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames

Latest Loved work

Singers of Gold

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