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Erzin's Caravan of Exceptional Performers and Storytellers,Artisan's of Exquisite Sculptures of Rare Stone and Wood,Paintings of Quality on Canvas by Esteemed Artists and Unique Clockwork Toys not found anywhere else in Kelldoria

Written by Loremaster Aemon

Bringers of Joy,Musical Enlightenment and Rare Curio's of Refined Sophistication  

The Caravan of Joy

Over sixty Humanoids make up this group of Artists,Artisans and Performers,spread out over twenty five to thirty brightly painted extravagant Wagon/Caravans.Escorted across The Kingdoms of Elosia and Pelosia by very well paid Trail Guards.

Many races are represented within this joyous troupe,the core being Halflings,Dwarves and Gnomes.Over the years Elosi Elves,Half-Elosi,Half-Orc and even some Tieflings have joined this merry band.

The Towns and Cities always know when the Caravan of Joy is on its way,as a small group of riders (usually including a Bard) rides a day ahead of the main group spreading news of its arrival.The Town and City folk smile,clap and cheer knowing they are but a day away,readying themselves for the coming festivities.Most Towns will hang garlands of flowers along the Gateways,Towers and Walls,showing the coming troupe how happy they are to see them.Some Cities hang ready-made Banners from the Gates and Walls and even sound trumpets on the Caravan's arrival.


Professions Included in the Company

Actors,Singers,Poets,Musicians and Storytellers are the face of the company,gathering crowds together to listen to their stories and songs.The backbone of the group are the Dwarf Artisan's and Gnome Tinkers who are Stone Mason Sculptors,Wood Carvers and Toy-makers,and the more recent Elosi and Tiefling Artists (Painters).


The Owners

  Erzin & Aluniana Silverbuckle of Silver Acres(Town).Some would say this Husband and Wife are a quirky union and what on Kelios would they produce from their Halfling Lightfoot and Forest Gnome heritages.  
Erzin's Caravan of Esteemed Artists was the name of this traveling company when it began forty five years ago in the quiet little Town of Silver Acres in The Kingdom of Pelosia.Erzin Silverbuckle asked friends and hired others,putting together a group of twelve talented individuals.The Esteemed Artists were born.Five years ago Erzin found the love of his life when Aluniana the forest Gnome Druid joined the troupe,since then they have become inseparable,got married,and made plans for the future of their family,and their extended family,the company.


  • Bards

  • Druids

  • Fighters

  • Magic Users in the Mage Schools of Conjuration, Elemental & Illusion magic

  • Rogues

Some Notable Company Members

  • Erzin Silverbuckle,Male Halfling Bard and Owner of The Caravan of Joy
  • Aluniana Silverbuckle,Female Forest Gnome Druid and Wife of Erzin
  • Aggog,Male Half-Orc Rogue
  • Baerrig Thunderstone,Male Mountain Dwarf Magic User (Elementalist) Stone Mason
  • Bharrim,Male Hill Dwarf Druid Wood Carver
  • Dalrak,Male Mountain Dwarf(Gold) Rogue Toy Maker
  • Gemnora,Female Hill Dwarf(Shield) Bard
  • Inaza,Female Rock Gnome Magic User
  • Jilla,Female Halfling Lightfoot Rogue
  • Jorjin Broadleaf,Male Forest Gnome Bard
  • Kelhik,Male Forest Gnome Rogue
  • Kilxes,Male Tiefling Rogue
  • Oraphina,Female Halfling Tallfellow Druid
  • Paro,Male Elosi Rogue
  • Qilar,Male Elosi Bard
  • Rafros,Male Half-Elosi Rogue
  • Saelphira,Female Half-Elosi Bard
  • Tevias,Male Halfling Stout Rogue
  • Vylzira,Female Tiefling Magic User

A Possible name change coming???


Erzin's Caravan of Exceptional Performers and Storyteller's,Artisan's of Exquisite and Unique Sculptures made from Rare Stone or Wood,Paintings of Quality on Canvas by Esteemed Artists,and Musical and Clockwork Toys not found anywhere else on Kelios.

Painted Caravan by Photogen

The Races that are represented in this Troupe of Artist's and Artisan's

The Caravan of Joy or Erzin's Caravan of Esteemed Artists
Joy,Enlightenment and Sophistication


  • Actors
  • Singers
  • Poets
  • Musicians
  • Storytellers
  • Stone Mason sculptors
  • Painters (Artists)
  • Toy-makers
  • Wood Carvers

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Cover image: Painted Caravan by Photogen


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