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Izak's Iced Creamery

"Izak is back! Izak is back! I hear the bell! Does anyone see him or his cart?!"
— Excited children in Turnhaven

A Joy to All

  Run by the famous Izak Silversnow, the Iced Creamery operates out of a moving handcart throughout the streets of Turnhaven. A multitude of deliciously fun treats can be purchased, from a simple cup of iced cream to a more exciting flavoured icicle. The popularity of Izak's Iced Creamery persists even on cold nights, though the icy chills of winter still cause most to shy away from the sweet treats he offers.  

A Solo Adventure

  Despite the popularity of the Iced Creamery cart, Izak hasn't sought out others to run carts owned by him, leaving him as the sole proprietor of the Iced Creamery.   Izak's Iced Creamery roams around the city of Turnhaven, visiting each district as he can. He doesn't seem to operate on any particular schedule, but does make an appearance each week at the Hafde markets.  

A Pop with your Cup

  As a new addition to Izak's Iced Creamery, he offers a choice of coloured runedrops, which enhances flavours and do many different effects depending on the colour chosen. As Izak is slowly adding new colours, the full list of effects aren't known, but some known ones are:   Blue: Bubbles rise from the surface of the iced cream, tasting like strawberries if you happen to pop one with your tongue.
Green: Creates small trees of icing on the iced cream, including tiny creatures. The effect lasts several minutes before becoming still.
Red: A phantom blue fire is emitted from the iced cream, not emitting heat, but keeping the sweet treat cooler for longer.
Yellow: The iced cream glows a faint blue when licked, and the glow only lasts a few seconds or until you lick it again.
Purple: Tiny edible flowers pop into existence on the surface of the iced cream, adding the taste of blueberries.
The Iced Creamery Menu
  • Iced Cream Cup - 2 knuckles
  • Lemon Icicle - 4 knuckles
  • Dragon Turtle Tart - 3 knuckles
  • Greenblood Shaved Ice - 5 knuckles
  • Frosted Crystals - 5 knuckles
  Additional Options
  • Runedrops - 2 knuckles


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Dec 6, 2022 14:55 by Annie Stein

Aw, this is really wholesome and sweet! I like how the runedrops make the iced cream more fantastical.

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